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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

Should I become a doctor or environmental engineer?

Im very confused about what to study in university. My major aim is to help people because that gives me the most satisfaction. I feel very happy when I help people. I'm also very concerned about the environment. I have very good grades in all subjects so I basically have to choose what I like. I am afraid I might be bored as a doctor or just waste 10 years studying something i might not eventually like doing. I want a job that involves travelling and helping people. I think if I become a doctor and work with one of those organizations like UNICEF i might get to help people and travel at the same time. Is it hard to get a job in those organizations? I also have a dream of discovering a cure for one of the chronic diseases( HIV, cancer..etc).

Or will it be a better choice to become an environmental engineer?

I really enjoy Chemistry, Biology and Geography..


An environmental engineer is a person that thinks of ways to solve the environmental global warming!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, very little of environmental engineering has anything to do with global warming or all that stuff directly. What we do more so is deal with wastewater, drinking water, anything else people throw away, protecting natural ecosystems, and cleaning up past environmental problems. That doesn't mean we don't tend to like being environmentally friendly, it's just not the main focus for most of us.

    I'm biased and think you should go for environmental engineering. However, both will allow you to help people. If you're really into trying to cure something. . . maybe the medical field is right for you.

    Source(s): environmental engineering grad student -- I deal with drinking water, specifically
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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm an Environmentalist at a Uranium mine in Australia (SA)

    My job is to Ensure that the miners are following strict environmental guidelines. Make sure that the uranium is not leaching into the spoil. Re-vegetate plants and examine the animals within the mine site such as Kangaroos, rabbits, emus, birds,etc.

    You need to do a Bachelor of Science for three years at a University like your minor you are doing. You need to be a person who is interested in the environment and is willing to fight for the environment. You may need to be outgoing and enjoy the outdoors.\

    Try your best at school. Go out into the environment and just enjoy it.

    My starting wage was $72,000 Australian dollars I'm currently on $106,000 AUD as the Senior Mine Environmentalist

    Environmentalist are paid quite well not as great as geologists.

    I fly to the mine via a jet run by the company. I stay there for a week working 12 hour days although many of the females work 9 hour days. I'm then flown home for two weeks.

    You get to explore the world. Help the climate crisis. Work with the biodiversity such as animals and plants and Meet a range of people and the rewarding pay.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what do you mean "environmental engineer" At 1st I though you meant custodian/trash collector?

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