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Parents, What is your policy or rules about your children dating?

Can they be alone with them?

What age can they start dating?

Can they kiss in front of you?

Can they go out alone?

Any information like that. Thanks =]

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    I feel a child over the age of twelve is free when it comes to dating. Too many rules and policies can make a child rebel, or feel they cannot do anything at all. I believe all you should do is make sure your child is educated and intelligent enough to know the dangers of sex and things like that. A well taught child is much more likely to make the right decisions. I know it can be hard to just let your child make their own mind up, but you really have to be able to trust them. Lack of trust can be very frustrating for a child and often makes them rebel. They should be able to do all of the above things when they're over twelve, as relationships any younger than that aren't serious anyway. You have to trust that they'll use all the information you've given them to stay safe and make sensible decisions. Good luck to you

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    I'm 16, nearly seventeen. I am allowed to be alone with the guy. I can even be alone in my room with him, after all, I'm nearly an adult. I wasn't sure what the answer to that would be, but I asked my mom, and she said she didn't see any reason why not, so long as I was comfortable. It's not like I won't tell her before going much further than kissing, so it isn't really a big deal.

    There wasn't a particular age when I was allowed to start dating, I just talked to my parents first and we discussed our concerns, talked about safety, and made our decisions from there.

    I dunno if I'm allowed to kiss in front of my mom, I don't think there's really a rule about that. I assume this means like making out, as it seems odd for there to be a rule about a quick kiss at the door. As for making out in front of my mom, whether or not there is a rule against it, I wouldn't feel comfortable. It seems like it would be rather awkward.

    I can go out alone, but I don't like to drive alone in the car with someone I haven't known for a long time. I'm distrustful by nature ^_^.

    Really the only rules about this sort of thing are safety rules, other than that, we talk and make decisions on a case by case basis. The system works well.

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    I do not yet face this question with my own (It's still a bun in the oven ;) )

    But I thought I'd let you know how my mom was ;)

    Keep in mind that "morally" and maturity wise I've always been a bit more high standards than those my age. (as in I did not kiss a guy, or give one the opportunity to kiss me until like 15. we were dating for about a month, and it wasn't a french kiss) For most my generation that's CRAZY. which I consider sad.


    I was allowed to have a bf at about 13. We were allowed to be alone in the house together, and could go out ( starting off with groups at that age)

    As to the kissing in front of you.. My mom said it was ok when I asked her about it.(it was only like pecks though. Kissing Kissing in front of my mom still seems wrong, and I'm 23 with a kid on the way) I asked at 15.

    Btw. just as a side note, I'm still with that first kiss :) We've been together almost 9 years now :D

    Major good luck to you. Don't forget trust. If you kid feels they can be open with you (as I did my mom) you will have a far better chance at knowing when to tighten the strings ;)

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    Well, I am Christian, but I think this is just plain healthy advice. I teach my kids that although it may be fun, young relationships are not serious. They know that while their kids, they play and enjoy being a kid, while they are teens they have school and a future to plan for and other responsibilities, and that relationships are allowed, but i dont let them really call it dating or being girlfriend and boyfriend. I make sure they never start spending too much time with that person, and definitely no alone dates or unsupervised stuff. I tell my kids its not because I dont trust them, because I definitely do or i wouldnt let them see the opposite sex at all! lol. I just dont trust those other kids and the the so many strong influences in the world. Mainly, i just make sure that that family school and other things are always first and take most of your time, and if you like somebody and want to be a little closer to them and spend time with them, thats fine. As long as they keep in mind that someday they will get married and have that husband and that will be the time to do all the love stuff, not when your still in school and have other stuff to look after. But in my house we value marriage and purity, so again, this may not apply to your lifestyle.

    Source(s): mommy of three....... two girls :)
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    My daughter is 17. She was allowed to have boyfriends when she was 13, but couldn't be alone with them at that point. They were allowed to come over and study with her, or watch TV and play video games. She was allowed to go to their houses and do the same things, if a parent was present and if I felt comfortable that there would be good supervision. The only physical contact that happened at that age was hand holding and a quick hug.

    Once she turned 16, my daughter was allowed to go out with her boyfriends to parties, the movies, roller skating, dinner, and other such social occasions, without an adult. But she didn't drive, nor did any of her boyfriends, so usually I worked out an agreement with the boy's parents that I would drive them one way, and his parents the other way. Some good-night kissing came into play at around this time.

    Now that she is almost 18, she is free to date as she pleases.

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    My stepson can have a girlfriend over, but they are not to go in his bedroom. If they want to hang out in the living room and watch a movie, great. There is no alone time, rolling around on the bed upstairs. That girl is someone's daughter!

    My stepson has been dating since about 14, but for my kids it's going to be different. They're still little, so it will be determined later on.

    I don't like to see teenage kids making out in front of me. It is disrespectful, especially in my house. If they want to go at it alone, they can do it outside my house.

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    these are my parents rules

    start dating 13

    no kissing till 14

    can't go out till 11

    boy can't be "bad boy" has good grade and still in school

  • u should trust the child u sqeezed out but way the outcomes on how they are when theyre around u and talk to them about it

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