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Like my twilight website?

hey fellow twilighters, can you guys please take a look at my twilight site and give me some feedback???

btw can you please sign the shout box and vote on the poll?



Hmmmm and just in case you were wondering, i'm team switzerland (edward and jacob!)

Update 2:


hey, btw lafa nifiñafa, yes i am going to see the movie, in fact i'm going all the way from england to new york to see it lol! and also, this guy is going to play edward

he played cedric diggory in harry potter lol! the trailer is out as well, just google twilight trailer lol!!! it looks REALLY good!!!!

Update 3:

tracee/tragic, no it's not my anime lol! i wish!!! no, it's just off of photobucket!!!

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    I think its AWZOME ^-^

    I love Stephanie Meyer's work

    They are the best books ever

    Are you going to watch the movie? Twilight?

    i know usually the book is better than the movie

    but still it's exciting

    I wonder who's going to play EDWARD???? hahaha

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    woo! very nice! im on team edward, myself. i dont really care much for anime, but you have some great artwork posted. is it yours? either way, the site looks great!

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    I love it! Good thinking.

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    OMG! I love it.Amazing. Also you like those type of books try to answer my book title question. Thanks~!

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