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Wha is quarantine?

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    Quarantine is where a human or animal is separated from any others of the same or similar species for a length of time. The quarantine could be to assess the health and possibility of bringing strange diseases into contact with other members of the species that have no immunity from it or it could be a sick and highly contagious animal or human that needs to be separated so the they do not make others sick.

    When an animal is brought in from another country, it is mandatory that it is sent to a quarantine place where it cannot be in contact with another of it's species until it is assessed to be healthy and not carrying any communicable diseases.

    Some animals can be exempt from this if they are 'visiting' (only in the country for a horse show), they have a veterinary proof of health and/or they are from certain countries that have agreements with other countries.

    As examples: Horse traveling through Europe do not have to quarantine if they have the proper certificates. Horses traveling between Canada and the US do not have to quarantine.

    In almost 100% of cases, horses traveling across oceans must be quarantined. The difference is that bacteria and viruses can travel across land (Canada/US border) but not across sea (UK/US).

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    Whenever you bring a horse into another country it may be carrying disease that could harm the new country's equine population. Quarantine periods are long and stressful to the average horse.

    You want to save this horse and you don't even know what a quarantine is?

    Quaratines are also very expensive so overseas shipping of horses is rarley down by private owners usually grand prix jumpers and huge horse dealers.

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    Quarantine is either for keeping the horse separated/alone when it comes to a new country, or a milder version is when a new horse comes into a barn and the barn manager wants to keep it away from the other horses until they know it didn't bring any diseases or likewise with it so the others don't catch it.

    I think you need to give up on this Caribbean horse....I'm assuming that's why you're asking this....the chances are slim that you're actually going to get that thing to the US....

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    Its when usually an animal has come from abroad and it has to be kept away from animals in a special centre where they will prehaps do test to make sure it has no diseases. Its kept away from other animals so that if it does have diseases it wont give any to other animals. This is generally essential when you take an animal from abroad.

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    i HAVE A debate topic :mandatory quarantine period for all communicable diseases should be officially announced by the ministry of health and family welfare?

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    Look it up. There is a thing called the dictionary.

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    First please check your spelling. do you mean What is Quarantine?

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