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How come the dove gets to be the international symbol for peace?

How about the pillow? It has more feathers than a dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak, besides have you seen the movie The Birds by Hitchcock!

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    Your right and they crap on you too.

    The rabbit would be perfect, it is peaceful, proliferates and is vegetarian.:)


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    You know your question was real cute but the real answer if you are interested is that the dove is the peace symbol because God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights continually and that made the earth flood. He had Noah build his ark and take on two of each creature(back then). After the rain stopped Noah would send out the dove to look for land or any signs of it. One day the dove brought back an olive branch-hence their was a tree somewhere so there had to be land. So that's why they made the dove the peace symbol.

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    Maybe it should be the turtle. It doesn't move fast enough to cause harm to anyone! Besides it has a nice hard shell which would symbolize protection from harm and the elements as well! LOL

    (((Mrs. Bunny))) - Swans really bite! I mean really! One almost took my finger off! LOL Pretty but mean! (Unlike yourself)

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    But, what has killed more people in real life, the bird or suffocation by pillow?

    I think the symbol for peace should be the slug. He doesn't bother anyone, just makes things nice and shiny. It would remind us to be shiny, happy people.

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  • I hate doves! They're really just pigeons. Filthy birds!

    A parrot would be better! At least it could be taught to say "Peace!"

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    I hope you get better answers than I did..nobody wanted to have fun that day LOL

    I really wanted to vote for like the Koala bear or the Meerkat myself

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    good point

    the beak will get u everytime!

    check out this link if you are really wondering


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    I like ladybugs much better!

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    I think it should be Swans.

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