Why is The Tracker so unkind to animal rights activists?


I mean he obviously knows his stuff on wildlife but he is always fighting with us when all we are trying to do is to protect the cute little animals!

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    Animal rights has NOTHING to do with saving animals! You need to get your stories straight. Animal rights has to do with pushing an agenda to force everyone to live by the rules they advocate - no ownership or use of any animal for any reason. That means you can't own dogs or cats. You can't eat a steak and you can't use a dog, say, for a service animal (like a seeing eye dog) because it's (as they say) slavery.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with saving animals although they like to hide behind those issues and pretend. But if you look at where the money goes that they raise for those issues, you'll see that none of the money goes to actually help animals. It goes to marketing and legal/political funds to push their agenda.

    Doing some research on, say, the HSUS as to how much money they raised for hurricane katrina animal victims and how much actually was paid out is sickening. And all the groups do this. they don't care about the suffering of animals, only about taking away the rights of caring people.

    Animal WELFARE, on the other hand is completely different. Animal welfare has to do with helping animals and making their lives better. People who care about animals should be supporting animal welfare NOT animal rights (like peta and hsus).

    People need to learn the difference so that their money goes to their right place.

    To learn more, try http://www.consumerfreedom.com/

    or http://www.naiaonline.org/


    and http://www.petpac.net/

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