putting itb's on a d15 ..91 crx ..need help ..?

alright ..so i have recently fallen in love with itb setups ..i want to know where to start ..i know there are plenty of people out there with info ..so please ..give me detailed instructions etc.. ..would you be able to enclose the area around the itb to be able to still turbo it out ?? ..i am a noob to all this itb stuff ..so please dont hate ..currently on my car i just did a castrol syntec 10w-40 oil change ..new oil filter ..new ngk spark plugs ..new 10mm spark plug cables ..air intake ..i think the previous owner just put pipes back to a tip for the exhaust ..next week i will be putting headers on ..i just really want to be able to open up this motor and show some d-series love ..eventually there is a motor swap planned somewhere in the future ..i just want to learn how to work on the motor, etc. more before i get into all that ..so please ..let me know what to do ..i know i basically chop the original intake manifold and then the itb connects, but i dont know it all so details!!

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    Well it isnt as simple as you make it seem, first you dont slap them on and woot HP.

    You need fuel upgrade, fuel pump since its a 17yr old car, larger injectors, you need to place the map sensor and brake booster somewhere and must important tune!!!!

    Still want to do it link below:


    Look into OBD-0 ZC SOHC motor and trans ecu it net you 130 crank HP with a good intake header and exhaust 140-145 crank HP since the D15B2 isnt taht good, look at hmotorsonline.com for the motor

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    If you're gonna do an ITB setup I'd wait till you swap in a B series (B18 or B20)... better engine to start with... you'll get more out of it.

    As the above poster said there is a *lot* of work that goes into putting individual throttle bodies onto an engine; it's a really drastic mod, much like turbocharging.

    You'll need to do all of what he said, plus you'll need to get the cylinder heads ported and polished to take full advantage of the increased airflow... you don't *have* to but it'd be foolish not to! You'll need a standalone ECU that can be programmed to handle the newer, more complicated setup; bigger injectors; better valves, springs and lifters; new camshafts and gears; new pistons and new connecting rods would be a pretty good idea too. You're more or less doing a really invasive (and totally badass) mod that will make your car an all-motor monster.

    Also, one thing to consider: I don't see a lot of people acknowledging this when they put ITB's on their D or B series engines, but the ITB's face backwards, and there is no venting in that part of the engine from the factory. As such, the ITB's are drawing in hot air from the engine bay, which robs them of a lot of their potential... as "ricey" as it may be, you may want to look at getting either a ventilated aftermarket hood, or having a WRX-style scoop put on yours.

    You can absolutely still turbo the car! It would be absolutely insane... Nissan made the SR20DET available with ITB's stock for the Pulsar GTi-R and the legendary RB26DETT that they put in the Skyline GT-R also uses ITB's stock. I own an S2000 and would love to do a turbo/ITB setup someday when I've got a spare 8k or so laying around. There's a clip on youtube a guy put up of his S2k running ITB's and it just sounds heavenly...

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    D Series Itb

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