Were the most people ever murdered by Stalin, Mao and Hitler?

In response to many atheists posts here accusing Christians of murder, Stalin and Mao were both atheists, and each murdered countless millions, and Hitler wanted to stamp out Christianity totally and replace it with Pagan and Zeus worship - it's true they have the plans for all the Temples he and Himmler were going to build throughout Berlin.

Do brutal communist atheists dictators think it is OK to murder people because they don't believe in a soul in the first place?


Wikipedia it if you don't believe me. There have been major books written and a major TV show about it. It's all true!

Update 2:

Here is the link to the book and TV show (and not it wasn't Saved By The Bell - though I think they touched on the subject once).


Update 3:

Sorry, but I believe recognizing that we have a soul is the cornerstone of protecting human rights - otherwise why bother?

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    I happen to be reading The Occult Roots of Nazism by Nicholas Goodrick Clarke at the moment and you have some facts wrong, firstly Hitler was not the main man (religiously speaking), he was just an outright fascist; secondly the occult and pagan belief system they twisted was folkish Heathenry based on an ideal of the Aryan, it had nothing at all to do with Zeus. The concept of Zeus being some fantastic god that all pagans bow down to is pure propoganda from Roman historians, Victorian misrepresentation and the US obsession with Ancient Greece. The "Nazi" brand of Heathenry first emerged in the mid 19th century and was the driving force behind the Second Reich and the later movement to a more democratic society in what was then an almost feudal collection of principalities and in parts the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was the break up of this empire that then lead the likes of Himmler to use runic symbolism and the Story of the Volsungs to create a new national identity which culminated in Hilter's Third Riech. This religious system was not the only cause of anti-semitism, Hitler himself had lived in a Jewish ghetto where most of his political ideaology was born completely seperate from any occult references as he cleary states in his own book "Mein Kampf" (maybe you should read that before you believe what you see on the History Channel, or should I say pseudo-History Channel). It is true however that the religious members of the ruling Nazi party did build shrines and temples, paraded around in medieval armour and wished to see a return of the "Noble Heathen Aryan". The murders were however completely politically and financially lead. I own a 1930's German postage stamp which has been marked as 3,000,000 Marks, this inflation and financial disarray was blamed on Jews and their removal from society proved to work, not because they were responsible but because of how they were removed. Less people equals more money and when you have the added bonus of slave labour your economy is bound to do well. Overall this was a pretty sick remedy to the problems the nation was facing after WWI.

    Stalin and Mao were both communists, which is almost a religion, however their behaviour was to retain power and rule by fear. They also used the same social and economic models tried by Hitler. Again this was not a good thing to happen and should have been stopped. Communism is a political system with a lot of potential for good but was so quickly corrupted after the 1917 revelution in Russia that it became Stalism and Europe only ever saw a short lived success of the "equality ideal".

    If you are going to rank the killing I believe it is 1. Stalin, 2. Mao and 3. Hitler.

    Did "Christian America" decide that the Japanese had no soul when they dropped two atomic bombs on them? Let's face it the US is the only nation to have ever used "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and they claim to be a Christian nation...

    Source(s): I'm a practising Norse Heathen and dedicated anti-Fascist; we have to know the history of our faith so we can defend ourselves when wrongly called Nazis.
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    Hi there

    I think all that we can say with any confidence is that *people* kill people. Hypothesising about what they're motives were (and we can only hypothesise as we are not in possession of the full truth, just a report of it) is pretty pointless. What they did was pretty grim and hard to understand.

    I am a Christian and I wrestle with the wars in the Old Testament and some of the teaching. I don't ignore what the Bible says in this respect and only look at the 'love your neighbour stuff' but nor do I only look at the bad or difficult stuff and go around suggesting that as there is some difficult stuff in the Bible the rest is obviously wrong too. Both positions are intellectually lazy and do a great diservice to aethesist and Christians alike.

    I guess if there weren't a healthy dose of nutjobs out there willing to point at one or two sections of history or the Bible or whatever and extrapolate *facts* to prove their bizarre Q&A, Yahoo answers would be pretty quiet!

    I think when it comes to body counts, lets just all agree that killing lots of people is best avoided and that anyone who assumes the moral high ground to justify such actions must surely be taken with a massive pinch of salt.

    Jesus said love God and love your neighbour. That's a good place for us all to start - is it a good thing to love your neighbour? Does the world need a little grace and love? Should we care more for others than ourselves? Funny how these questions don't appear much...



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    Claiming correlation is not causation. Give us evidence which shows how there non belief in any Gods directly made them to murder millions of people? Did Stalin initiate the Ukranian collectivization, resulting in over 8 million dead because of his atheism? no, he wanted to wipe out the kulak dominated agricultural system and replace it with collectivized farming, and he used the most brutal methods possible. Did Stalin eliminate his officer corps because of his Atheism? no, he did it because he viewed them as a potential threat to his power. Purely calculated political motives and nothing to do with a non belief in God.

    As to the claim they did it because they dont believe in a soul and do not believe they are morally accountable. Well if we look at pre communist Tsarist Rusia we basically see all the same brutal repressive facets of the communist regimes. Tsarist Russia was officially Orthodox Christian where the church was a main organ of the state. And Tsarist Russia still massacred people in Poland, Georgia in their imperialistic endevors. In fact the communists inherited a secret police and gulag apparatus from the Tsarist state. They simply continued what was already happening.

    And pointing out Hitler killing people does not mitigate the endless amounts of slaughter and persecution at the hands of Christians. Hitler himself beyond doubt believed in a God. For all the rubbish branded about how Darwin led to Hitler. Darwinism or Evolution is not even mentioned in Mein Kampf, where as God is inferred over 20 times. Hitler clearly believed he was doing Gods work and regularly used historic Christian persecution of Jewish and Gypsy minorities as an inspiration and source for his genocidal campaign.

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    How about Torquemada? What about the inquisitors in the witch hunts? It's all about power mongering, and no matter how you paint it, it's all about the ego of who's on top. The only difference between Stalin and Mao is that they were recent and we have detailed information on them. Religions all over the world were persecuting non believers for thousands of years before the others came along.

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  • *sigh*

    You are missing some serious key points in your history and skewing it to back up your personal beliefs.

    First of all Wiki is not a credible source unless you have something else to back it up. While occasionally a good source, it usually wrong in many places. It is a free forum to write facts and most don't actually verify the sources used. So I do beg your pardon if I don't even bother to click on it.

    Stalin and Mao where atheist, but they did not kill IN THE NAME of atheism. It had nothing to do with thier lack of religios beliefs and everything to do with thier bid for pure power. You are misrepresenting thier motives.

    Hitler did not want to replace worship with pagan beleifs. He *was* obessed with occult, but I hate to clue you in, that is not paganism. He cherry picked what backed up his beliefs and rejected the rest, sort of like what you are doing here. He used symbols and utterly changes thier meaning, the swaztica for example, and warped them into his political agenda. If *that* is your basis to paganism no wonder you are woefully misinformed. He also bounced back and forth to Catholism. Many of his qoutes prove this as well as his random atheistic beliefs or lack of. The man was freaking nuts. Why on earth are you trying to make him sane?

    They do not kill because they thought people have no soul. They killed because they were crazy and power hungry.

    If you wish to argue a point, at least do so with the facts and not cherry picking your facts.

    Source(s): Norse Heathen
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    Deaths by Stalin: Estimated at 3 to 60 Million

    Deaths by Mao: Estimated at 40 to 80 Million

    Deaths by George Bush: 29,978 (sorry but not even in competition yet)

    Deaths by God in the Old and New Testament: 33 Million

    Looks like God ranks right up there with Joe and Mao.

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    And in response to yourself, atheism isn't something people kill for. Stalin waged war in the name of communism, a political position of power, while Mao had people killed in his own name. It's not the fact that they didn't believe in gods that drove them to this, it was their own delusions of grandeur. Much in the same way that George W Bush's own delusions ("God told me to do it") caused him to wage war on Iraq.

    What's sad is that rather than defend yourself or make apologetic statements, you'd rather accuse atheists of being equally guilty of supporting war as if that somehow makes it right.

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    Hitler was a Catholic fool, regardless of how many films say otherwise. and in modern record, i think Mao wins the body count, followed by Stalin then Hitler, but Milosovic and Hussein may have a higher count then Hitler by now, but don't quote me on that one.

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    Digg - Study says religion may contribute to society's dysfunctions-

    and in making.

    Stalin and Hitler were dogmatics and so is every religion


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