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How many pythons are living in the wild?

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    Wiktionary, the free dictionary.The primary use of Python is:

    Pythonidae, a family of snakes

    Python (genus), a group of snakes

    In art:

    Python (vase painter), a ancient underitalic greek vase-painter

    In the military:

    Python missile, a series of Israeli air-to-air missiles

    Colt Python, a firearm

    In computing:

    Python (programming language), a computer programming language

    Other uses of Python:

    Monty Python, a British comedy troupe

    Python (mythology), the oracular serpent of Delphi

    Python Automobile, a sports car

    Python (film), a 2000 horror film by Richard Clabaugh

    Python II, the 2002 sequel to the above film

    Python (roller coaster), a defunct roller coaster (Busch Gardens Africa)

    Armstrong Siddeley Python, an early turboprop engine

    Python may also refer to:

    Python, a character from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

    Python Lowracer, a hands-free bicycle steered and powered by the legs

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    Python (消歧義)


    Python是一種直譯式、交互式、面向對象的計算機程式語言,由Guido van Rossum創建並以Monty Pythons飛行馬戲團的名字命名。

    Monty Python是一個英國喜劇劇團,以Monty Pythons飛行馬戲團聞名於世。


    Python是一部由Richard Clabaugh主演、於2000年拍攝的恐怖電影。

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