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唔該!!!我想要 ge essay(20 點)

唔該..我想要<The Andromeda Strain> ge essay

about 700 words...好趕ar... 唔該

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    The Andromeda Strain

    A military satellite returns to Earth, and a recovery team, in a single van to avoid suspicion, is sent to retrieve it. While on a live radio connection to the military base, the recovery team dies. Aerial surveillance later shows that everyone in Piedmont, Arizona, the town near the satellite's landing site, has also died. The base commander suspects the satellite brought back an extraterrestrial organism and recommends that the Wildfire team be activated.

    Wildfire is a team of five scientists who the government believed would be useful in countering an extraterrestrial biological infestation. Dr. Stone has specialized in molecular biology; Dr. Leavitt is a specialist in disease pathology; Dr. Burton has specialized in infection vectors; and Dr. Hall is a surgeon with special interest in biochemistry and pH factors. The fifth member, Dr. Kirke, a specialist in electrolytes, could not be summoned since he had appendicitis.

    The scientists think the satellite, which was designed to find upper-atmosphere microorganisms for germ warfare, brought back an organism that kills by clotting blood to powder. After investigating the town, the team discovers that the residents die in mid-stride or go "quietly nuts" and commit bizarre suicide. Piedmont's only survivors, the sick, Sterno-addicted, geriatric Peter Jackson and the always-crying infant, Jamie Ritter, are about as opposite as two humans can be.

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    The man, infant, and satellite are taken to the secret Wildfire laboratory, in Flatrock, Nevada, about 60 miles from Las Vegas.

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    More investigation determines that the cause of the bizarre deaths is a crystal-based, extraterrestrial, bacteria-sized, microbial lifeform that existed on a tiny meteor that collided with the satellite and knocked it out of orbit.

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    This lifeform contains the same chemical elements as life on earth, but lacks DNA, RNA, proteins, and amino acids. It directly transforms matter to energy and energy to matter.

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    The lifeform, codenamed "Andromeda" mutates with each growth, causing its properties to change. The scientists discover that it only grows within a narrow range of pH. If the medium for growth is too acidic, the organism will not multiply.

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    If it is too basic, it will not multiply. Only within the range of pH 7.39 to 7.43 (precisely the same range as normal human blood) will it grow well. This explains why Jackson and Ritter survived: both had abnormal blood.

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    By the time the scientists notice this, however, Andromeda has mutated into a form that degrades polymer plastic. It begins to attack the neoprene seals of the doors and hatches in Wildfire.

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    As seal after seal breaks, an automatic mechanism begins a countdown to the detonation of an atomic device housed beneath the complex that will incinerate all traces of exobiological diseases before they can reach the surface

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    However, given its ability to generate matter directly from energy, Andromeda would only find the bomb a bigger energy source.

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    To prevent the explosion, Dr. Hall must insert a special key into one of the emergency substations installed throughout Wildfire. Unfortunately, he is trapped in a section whose substation has not yet been installed.

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    He, therefore, must run through an obstacle course of Wildfire's automatic defense mechanisms to reach a working substation on another level.

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    He manages to shut down the device. Andromeda is allowed to escape because it is currently benign and will most likely migrate back into the upper atmosphere where conditions are more favorable.

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    An epilogue to the novel reveals that a manned spacecraft, Andros V, burned up on re-entry as its polymer-based heat shielding failed. All spaceflight attempts were discontinued until further notice.

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