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有人可以幫我翻譯嗎?急急急 贈20點(翻譯軟體直譯不接受)

Among tax experts, there has long been support for the idea of shifting from a tax on estates to a tax on capital receipts (Meade, 1964 , Sandfordet al, 1973, Commission on Taxation and Citizenship,2000,Nissan and Le Grand,2000,Patrick and Jacobs,2003).Thus,individuals might be allowed a certain lifetime quota of capital receipts, and then face taxation on all gifts and inheritances above this quota. We found a degree of support for this idea. In the Stockport group especially, most thought this would be a fairer system in principle. On the other hand, taxing the recipient was seen as harder to administer, particularly in relation to lifetime gifts. Opinion was also divided as to whether a capital receipts tax would create an effective incentive to transfer wealth to the disadvantaged, and , if so, whether creating such an incentive was actually desirable.I'm thinking it might be possible to persuade people to spread their wealth more widely, ie, to leave smaller sums so you might leave it all to your grandchildren as well as your childred. Certainly people will do that to avoid paying the tax. (male,57,Stockport)

Surely when you're writing your will you give it to who you want to give it to'.(male,29,Oxford)

Aren't we getting away from the fact that the person that's died, they're leaving it to their children that they've treated equally....If you start to say,Well, I'll give you three thousand of that because you're not earning as much as your brother',aren't you splitting a family?

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    在稅專家之中, 有長期是支持對於想法轉移從一種稅在莊園到一種稅在資本收據(Meade, 1964 年, Sandfordet al, 1973 年, 委員會在徵稅和公民身份, 2000 年, 日產和Le Grand, 2000 年, 帕特里克和Jacobs, 2003).Thus, 個體也許允許資本收據某一終身配額, 和然後面對徵稅在所有禮物和繼承在這份配額之上。我們發現了支持程度為這個想法。在斯托克波特小組特別是, 多數認為這會是一個更加公正的系統原則上。另一方面, 收稅接收者被看見作為艱苦執行, 特別關於終身禮物。觀點並且被劃分至於是否資本收據稅會創造一個有效的刺激轉移財富到貧困, 並且, 如果那樣, 是否創造這樣刺激實際上是desirable.I'm 認為它也許是可能說服人廣泛傳播他們的財富, ie, 留下更小的總和因此您以及您childred 也許留下它全部給您的孫。_ 某人民將做那避免支付這稅(男性, 57, 斯托克波特) 肯定當你是寫你意志你給它對誰你要給它to'.(male, 29, Oxford) 是沒有我們得到從這事實這人是死, 他們是離開它對他們孩子他們有對待相等....If 你開始說, 很好, 我將給你三千那因為你是沒有贏得儘量much as 你brother', 是沒有你分裂家庭?

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