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    Shi Take the story masters Tony (played by small Laobo Road Town) is one worth hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs, is also a genius inventor. He, as the U.S. government's top weapons contractor

    "Shi Shi industry," the president of the past several decades due to the protection of U.S. global interests and enjoy high prestige. At this point, Tony is the envy of the life of a 360-degree shift;

    He was the team's offensive weapons test, and he has been reduced to a mob kidnapped the hostages.

    In this accident, he was very vulnerable on the heart due to be shrapnel injuries and critical condition, he had to obey the mysterious mob leader Leisa (Law Lun Tai-young)

    Orders, the construction of a devastating destructive weapons. However, he secretly breach of the order, but use his own intelligence and wisdom to create a set of steel clothing, to help him sustain life

    And escape the clutches of thugs. Back to the United States, Tony must re-face the past and vowed to lead "Shishi industry" moving toward a new direction. However, he is not the company,

    He was the leading position of his right hand - the highest executive director of Oxfam than Austria (杰夫布里吉decorated) replacement, he had to try to Austria than in the application of the obstruction,

    From morning to evening every day Maitou stay in their own factories development of more advanced steel clothing, in order to achieve beyond human power to protect their own bodies.

    In order to protect small pepper Bozi assistant (played by Ge Nisi Paltrow) and trusted Colonel Rhodes (Tailunsihuo, decorated) Dinglixiangzhu, Tony discovered the world of a terrorist sabotage scheme

    . Therefore, he put on his power to a new steel-gold clothing, declared to protect the world from the threat of evil forces. Now, Tony is ─ [Steelers].


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    大大你用了就慘了= =


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