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不懂幫幫忙翻譯一下吧不要網路字典翻譯 20點喔

This is a survey study which aims to determine the current situation. The difference between the physical education teachers’ and the principals’ opinions is tested with unrelated t test. Whether the opinions of the two groups show differences based on more than two variables such as age, seniority, the school graduated was tested with Kruskal-Wallis (H) test if the data is not spread in a homogeneous manner. If the data is spread homogeneously, one-sided Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) test was used. Fisher’s least significant difference (LSD) test was applied to the groups that showed differences in the Analysis of covariance test , in order to find which group creates the difference. 方法

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    有年齡. 資歷等變數

    若資料非以同性質的發展 就以H測驗研究畢業生

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    若資料以同性質的發展. 就以單面的ANCOVA測驗來研究畢業生

    ANCOVA測驗有顯示不同的. 就用Fisher的LSD測驗. 才能找到哪組造成了不同

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