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除了教會的慶典之外,英國有不同的活動或風俗,標記這個日子,其中,“蛋”是經常出現的。對小孩子來說,當然是所謂的“復活蛋”。這些一般都是巧克力製造的。比較簡單的,在超級市場也可以買到,但是,在英國,不少高檔的餐廳、咖啡廳,都會在每年這個時候推出自己特製的“復活蛋”,有 黑巧克力製造的,有牛奶巧克力的,有白巧克力的,也有蛋白杏仁糖製造的。除了一般的蛋型設計外,也有不少是動物、鮮花、卡通人物等,款式繁多,就算是對吃“復活蛋”沒有興趣的也會在這個時候可以到這些餐廳、店鋪外的櫥窗一飽眼福。


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    Commemorate Easter when Jesus revived after suffering a calamity or disaster as a piece of Christendom on Easter ( Easter) Certainly it is an important festival in Britain. According to the tradition that western Christ teaches, usually this day is from March 21 to April 25. Easter

    is really March 21 or Sunday after round day of first month


    Besides celebration taught, there are different activity or custom in

    Britain, this day of mark, among them, egg often appears. To child,

    it is certainly so-called reviving eggs These are generally all that

    chocolates are made. The simpler one, can buy too at the

    supermarket, however, in Britain, many top-grade restaurant, coffee

    shop, will this piece put out oneself purpose-built reviving eggs time in every

    year, there are black chocolates that are made, milk chocolate, there

    is white chocolate, have albumen nougat that is made too. Besides

    general egg type design, it is animals, flowers, cartoon personages,

    etc to be many, being various, style revive egg interest can may

    reach the show window outside these restaurant, shop feast ones

    eyes at this time too taking.

    Besides eating and reviving eggs , there is activity of closing egg on about Easter of every year in many localities of Britain, for example Some charitable organizations and tourism organizations of Britain will all hold the activity of seeking reviving eggs in some

    the garden of the name or the garden ground of the large residence at this time. The some beating it competitions held on the hillside in

    place that it is the most interesting to would be better. Entrant

    self-provided to catch egg, get mountaintop is it get mountain to

    roll egg, everybody will every work for very, hope to win.


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