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巴哈於1722年左右創作的「法國組曲」,它是為古鋼琴而作的舞曲,曲子的曲調細膩,充滿愛情與輕鬆。對於一生奉獻給神,長期在宮廷服務的巴哈是很可貴的曲子 .他的作品具有豐富的異國風格,法國組曲」以傳統的阿勒曼(Allemande)、庫朗(Courante)、莎拉邦德(Sarabande)與吉格(Gigue)等四種舞曲為核心,中間再穿插小步舞曲(Menuet)、嘉禾舞曲(Gavotte)與抒情調(Air)組成。其中第一至五號組曲收錄在巴哈題獻給第二任妻子的「安娜‧瑪格達蓮娜小品集」中,洋溢著溫暖的情感、清新優雅的歌唱性,是巴哈作品中最受樂迷喜愛的鍵盤曲目之一。

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    J. S. Bach composed the French Suites around 1722. They are six suites of

    dances for clavier (harpsichord or clavichord), with delicate melodies

    of intense romance but in a lighter texture.

    They are especially valuable, from a composer who dedicated all his

    life to God and served in court for quite a long time.

    Each of the six French Suites was built on the traditional model of four

    dances: Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, and Gigue, with Minute, Gavotte,

    or Air added in between the sarabande and the gigue.

    No. 1 to No. 5 were collected in the "Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach"

    that Bach presented to his second wife.

    They are full of warm affection, with refreshing and elegant character of

    singing melodies, and the French Suites make, for many Bach fans, the most

    favorite keyboard repertory.

    Source(s): 就是喜歡巴哈的鍵盤曲
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