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Anonymous asked in 政治與政府法律與道德 · 1 decade ago

請英文高手翻譯正式文件... 緊急~


本公司 - 台灣協緯金屬股份有限公司,承勞委會核准招募05名外籍勞工,核准號碼-勞職外字第0940603378號。

此函號於民國94年度已認證05名,並由THAI CHAN RECRUITMENT SERVICE CO., LTD引進01名,尚餘4人名額尚未引進;現需重新認證03名工人,因核准函0940603378正本不慎遺失,且伙食費已由NT$15,840調整為NT$17,280,故重新認證。祈准所請,至感德便。

敬祝 公祺

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We, Taiwan Shie Wei Metal Co., Ltd, formerly entrust THAI CHAN RECRUITMENT SERVICE CO., LTD by CLA No.0940603378 Approval Letter with 5 quotas to recruit and dispatch Thai workers to us. They already dispatched 1 workers to us, remain 4 quotas.

    We want to entrust XXXXX Co., Ltd. again to recruit remain 3 workers for us cause the orginal documents were been lost and the salary amend from NT$15840 to NT$17280.

    Please be informed.

    Your kindly assistant will be appreciated.

    Source(s): 自己實實在在多年的經驗
  • 1 decade ago

    This company - Taiwan cooperates the latitude metal limited liability

    company, receives the fatigue commission to approve to recruit 05

    foreign laborers, approves outside the number - fatigue duty character


    This letter number has authenticated 05 to the Republic of China 94

    year, and by THAI CHAN RECRUITMENT SERVICE CO., LTD introduces 01,

    still -odd 4 person of quotas of people not yet introduced; Now need

    reauthenticates 03 workers, because approves the letter 0.940603378

    billion principal editions carelessly to lose, also the board expenses

    already by the NT$15,840 adjustment were NT$17,280, therefore

    reauthenticated. Prays invites, to feeling Germany then. Respectfully

    wishes male is auspicious


    Source(s): 奇摩翻譯機
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