What kind of shoes do girls at Tao Beach Club in Vegas wear?

I'm graduating from college on Friday, and to celebrate I'm taking a trip to Vegas for a few days. I want to go to Tao Beach Club on Sunday to just chill out, get a tan, drink by the pool, etc. My question is... since it's Vegas... do the girls still just wear their flip flops and sandals to the Beach Club, or do they come in with heels on or something? Do they pretty much dress to impress, or is it more casual? I have a pretty cute bikini, but umm I've never worn heels with it before haha. Please don't answer if you haven't actually been or seen the people there.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ahh! I am so jealouse right now. I love Tao, ok I just love Vegas for that matter. Anyways I have been to Tao several times and you can pretty much get away with both. If you are going during the day I would do what ever you are comforatble in. I have done both. If you are going to Tao night club and plan to hang by the pool at night (they have a lighted floating dance floor) Then I would do heels. While you are there don't for get about Raheb (Hard Rock) and then Tao Sunset both on Sundays. Also Ditch Fridays at the Palms, rock!

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  • 4 years ago

    When you are all dress up for clubbing pls don't wear sneakers. I always wear heels and I don't take them off while dancing. Try this, when at home, put on your heels, have your music and dance dance dance. It will hurt at first but keep doing that and you'll eventually get used to them. Hey try on different pairs so as to get them 'to break in"'. Try not to wear a brand new heels to go dancing, no matter how expensive the shoes cost, you'll definitely be bleeding after a few hours.

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