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game warden?

The game and fish wardens I was thinking about becomng a game warden and i was wondering about how much do they get paid a year and what kind of collage do you go to to become one?

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  • Ml
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    Well Im also looking into becoming one myself. From what I researched you need at a least a degree from a 2 year college with 18 of those units to be in either biology, geology and/or criminal justice. But remember that the more education you get the more you have to getting the position(make you stand out from the crowd). You also have to attend the academy and train with peace officers.(if your hired). As for the salary it depends on which state you live in. California Wardens make about 68 grand depending on education experience etc. Also do anything that will look good on a resume take a criminal justice class early or try for outdoor school's (NOLS or Outward bound). Well hope you get in and good luck.

  • J.W.
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Requirements to become a game warden and how you become a game warden depends on the agency that you want to work for. Visit the websites of the agencies that you might want to work for. Agency websites often provide information about their applicant requirements, about how to apply, and about their hiring process. Getting a college degree is one of the best things that you can do. Many law enforcement agencies require or prefer applicants to have college. Having a degree could help you get hired by some agencies. Some agencies pay their officers more if they have a college degree. Having a degree could also help you get promoted during your career. Agronomy, animal science, biology, environmental science, fisheries/wildlife biology, communications, conservation biology, criminal justice, forestry, forest management, natural resource management, range management, range science, agricultural science, zoology, ecology are some majors that you might want to consider. If you are interested in animals and/or the outdoors and law enforcement, you might want to also consider titles such as animal cruelty investigator, humane law enforcement officer, and park ranger. You might be interested in federal jobs such as Uniformed Law Enforcement officer for the United States Forrest Service or Special Agent, Wildlife Inspector for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, or Special Agent for the Environmental Protection Agency. Consider local, state, and federal jobs. Law enforcement officer pay varies, sometimes a lot, depending on the agency. Law enforcement officer pay can also depend on things such as years of service, rank, how much education an officer has, and overtime.

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