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WoW: Shaman or Druid?

i already picked shaman so im not changing it at lvl 35 but i just want ur opinions of both.

some questions to consider

if you have a shaman and druid which is better?

which levels easier?

what race fits the best for each?

Which has better spells?

thanks if u answer!


brain disorder? i clearly said WoW

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    Both of them are equally enjoyable. At end game(aka level 70), it depends on what you want to do, pvp or pve. Shamans are very desired in a raiding environment(10man and 25man), whereas Druid usually dominate arena/bg. It is very annoying to kill a healing Druid because they have an instant heal called Swiftmend every 15 seconds, and usually heals them up to full, whereas it is easy to lock down a Shaman and prevent them from healing themselves.

    On a leveling difficulty scale, Druid is easier than a Shaman*

    Not much choice if you're Alliance, only Dranei. If you're Horde, I'd go with Orcs for Blood Fury(Increases melee attack power by (Level*4)+2 and your damage and healing from spells and effects by (Level*2)+3, but reduces healing effects on you by 50%. Lasts 15 sec.) and Axe Specialization(Expertise with Axes and Two-Handed Axes increased by 5.) Or you can go Tauren for the looks(Mooooo~), Warstomp(Activate to stun up to 5 opponents within 8 yards - lasts 2 sec - 2 min cooldown), and Endurance(Max Health increased by 5%).

    For an Alliance Druid, they have no choice but to pick Night Elf. Same thing for a Horde Druid, only one choice, and that is Tauren. Pvp wise, I'd say Alliance Druid has an edge over Horde Druid, since Shadowmeld is OP in arena. But then you could argue Horde Druid has Warstomp and Endurance. Personally I like to be able to stealth without being in Kitty form.

    As for spells, you can't really compare the spells each class has.

    Healingwise, Druid is a heal-over-time(HoT) class, whereas Shaman is spamming direct heals, such as Chain Heal. In raids, Chain Heal scales incredibly well, top guilds usually bring 3 healing Shamans to raids, compared to 0 to 2 healing Druids.

    Melee attack wise, Shamans are really simple to play, and quite fun in my opinion, Flameshock, Earthshock, Stormstrike, then Flameshock whenever debuff falls off, and Earthshock in between Stormstrike cool down. Keeping totem up could be quite challenging for some encounters/people. Feral Druids have it even easier. You also have the choice of tanking in Bear form or Dpsing in Kitty form. But generally, Cat dps is not very impressive.

    In terms of magical damage, an Elemental Shaman can really dish out some enormous Lightning Bolts. The only downside is they have really poor spell push back resistance. Same goes for Moonkin Druids, but to a larger degree that besides the Moonkin Aura for increased spell crit, there isn't much they can bring to the table, in terms of raiding.

    Also, Shamans have Heroism**(Increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 30% for all party members. Lasts 40 sec.), which is why they are so good.

    In the end it comes down to what you want to do and enjoy doing. I narrowed it down to Shaman for pve and Druid for pvp, but there is nothing that says either class can't do the opposite.

    Good luck and have fun =]

    Source(s): * ** Also, I am a two year WoW veteran who recently quit after farming BT/Hyjal for 3 months.
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    Wow good answers everyone.. /sarcasm?

    These are the two most overpowered classes right now. They both have extremely quick heals or HoT (healing over time) that can fully heal them with almost no mana cost.

    Druids are really versetile. NO matter what spec they are they hit hard and heal for a lot. The ability to stealth is extremely helpful in pvp, and to change into dire bear form and raise your armor is useful against warriors and rogues. They have stuns, bashes and slow down moves that can rape the other classes. Moonfire spamming is also really good if they have low health.

    Shamans are crazy because of all their instant cast. They are just like a mage just without the cast times. The ability to have a shield raises armor by almost double and their quick heal makes them take 20 min to take own 1v1.

    Shamans also get pets around 68, so in the 70 bg's they are invincible. They can just keep casting Frostshock and they will kill everyone.

    Shamans have better spells, but druids can put 3 HoT's on themselves so as soon as they are hit their health goes back up.

    Really these 2 classes are the best in PvP at the moment. I have seen shamans and druids each own Warlocks in battlegrounds like they were nothing..

    Taurens are best for both, they get War stomp which will help tons in BG's, and 5% extra health, thats like a talent tier lol.

    Source(s): <Come Out and Play> Guild Officer 70 Hunter 70 Priest 57 Paladin Caelestrasz Server
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    Both Are Fun To Play But I Like The Druid Shape Changing

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    There are a couple of troll shaman in my guild. Me: 47 undead rogue them 38 troll shaman. I take a troll shaman anytime I need to run an instance. they do huge amounts of damage and their totems give boosts like nothing else. We had two troll shaman in Uldaman and finished every boss in less than an hour

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    Druid is really the only class that you would not have to respec to do anything on if you went there balance tree yuo can off tank heal moonkin and melee dps.

    Shammy are one of the classes that are good at melees for the windfury anslo ele for there attacks if its not for shammys totems things would be harder.

    As for class Druids are good Tauren

    and shammys i would go troll for bezerker/

    Shammys are a more of a spell hitting type.

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    Wow is better

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