What is the average price of changing the color of leather furniture?

I want to change the color of my couch from a yellowish off white to white. What is the average charge? professionally. Thankyou

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    Let’s break your project down into its components and take a look at

    it. We will look first and the number of yards you require. Then we

    will consider fabric cost, and lastly, labor costs.


    First of all, 25 yards sounds just about right for upholstering a

    sleeper sofa and a loveseat. Take a look at this website, which has a

    chart with pictures of various furniture pieces and estimates of the

    yardage needed for each. I have used this chart in figuring yardage

    for making custom slipcovers, and have found it to give a good

    approximation of the fabric needed.

    Nishida Company


    Take a look at the seventh sofa in the first row. It estimates 14

    yards of fabric will be needed to do this piece. Now take a look at

    the second or third loveseats in the second row. Ten yards should do

    one of those. So 25 total yards would seem to be a good estimate for

    your two pieces. Note that patterned fabrics, requiring either a

    vertical and/or horizontal match, may require more yardage


    You do not say if you are supplying the fabric, or if the shop will

    supply it. If you choose from fabric supplied by the shop, there will

    most likely be a markup on it. Many upholsterers will permit

    customer-supplied fabric. Some charge higher labor rates or a cutting

    charge for customer supplied fabric. You will have to check this with

    the upholsterer giving you the estimate. If the shop does not charge

    higher labor for customer-supplied fabric, here is where you can save

    some money. Shop around for a good price, and a fabric that you love.

    Upholstery fabric should be sturdy and substantial, while being

    beautiful and comfortable. A tapestry or chenille is ideal, as they

    are beautiful, dimensional, and will wear well. A lightweight cotton,

    while lovely, will not hold up on a piece that gets a lot of use.

    Take a look at your local fabric stores. JoAnn Fabric, for example,

    provides samples that you can take home for several days by leaving a

    small (returnable) deposit. They also have frequent sales. You should

    expect to pay probably in the $15 to $25 range per yard. Here is a

    link to the Store Locator on their website to find the closest:

    JoAnn Fabric: Store Locator


    Calico Corners also has a wide selection of upholstery fabric, and

    many stores throughout the country. Their price range will likely be

    higher--$15 to $60 or $70 per yard. Here is a link to their Store


    Calico Corners


    There will be many other fabric stores in Los Angeles, and probably

    discount stores specializing in upholstery fabric. Look in the Yellow

    Pages under “Fabric”. The ad will probably specify “upholstery” or

    “home decorating” fabric.

    There are also a couple of online sources from which I have bought

    drapery and upholstery fabric. (No association, just a happy

    customer.) From an online source, you could find a real bargain in a

    beautiful, upholstery-weight fabric. You could easily find something

    for less than $10. Here are a couple of sources:



    has beautiful, good-quality fabric and great prices. Click on “Drapery

    and Upholstery Fabrics”, on the left side. Samples can be enlarged by

    clicking on them, so that you can see every thread.

    Fabricland Interiors


    Good selection, good prices.

    A source that I have not yet ordered from, but the prices are very





    I’ve given a range of labor costs, from three different sources:




    A basic sofa (three seat): $395-$450.

    A basic loveseat (two seat): $295-$350.


    Reginald’s Originals


    This website lists a labor cost based on yardage to upholster your


    $45 per yard using their fabric

    $55 per yard using customer-supplied fabric


    TJ Upholstery


    Sofa (pictures 10/12): $600

    Loveseat (picture 2): $450

    I realize that this is a lot of information, but let’s look at a

    couple of examples—the low end of what you might expect to pay, and

    the high end.

    If you were to purchase your own material for $10 per yard, the

    following might apply:

    Fabric: (25 x $10) $250

    Labor: (From #1) $800 ($450 for sofa + $350 for loveseat)

    TOTAL: $1050

    If you purchased fabric from the upholsterer, and that fabric was $25

    per yard:

    Fabric: (25 x $25) $625

    Labor: (From #2) $1125 ($45 per yard x 25 yards)

    TOTAL: $1750

    You can do additional calculations, based on your own actual

    variables, but this will give you a basis to figure out what your

    upholstery project should cost. As you can see the fabric that you

    choose will make a big difference in the final cost.

    Leather can be split, a process that divides it into the “top grain” and “split leather” (sometimes called the “split hides”), which is the middle and lower portions. The split leather may be sueded or embossed. Sueding involves buffing to raise a nap, generally on the flesh side. Embossing imitates natural leather grain.

    Because of the cost of leather, various techniques have been devised to lower the cost. For example, sometimes top grain leather is used only on the cushions and pillows of a piece of furniture, while cheaper, split hides (or even vinyl) is used on the rest as a means of cutting cost. Other techniques include using split hides on the entire piece of furniture, or using a less expensive hide.

    Leather upholstery may be glazed, dyed, or pigmented. Glazing is achieved with the use of glass rollers. Dyeing can use natural products, like the technique for making Russia leather that employs dye made from brazilwood, or synthetic dye, generally referred to as “aniline dyes,” whether or not they contain aniline. Dyes are transparent and allow the natural grain and markings to show through. The nubuck finish method involves brushing the leather's surface, and also involves transparent dye. Nubuck is distinguished from sueded leather because it is made from the top-grain, not the split-hide leathers. Pigments are a finish of leather paint, which is an opaque dye.

    That's just some basic information. After view some upholstery prices, you might find that it's cheaper to just buy a new couch. At any rate, below are some websites that you should find helpful in your quest. Good Luck!!!!



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    Source(s): Wholesale Distributors http://WholesaleDirectories.latis.info/?o5m0
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