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Recommend me an adventure Anime?

I want to watch some adventure animes, can you recommend me good adv. anime?

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    Blood+ - A fantastic adventure, a cross country road trip to solve a mystery and fight "bad guys". Action, fighting and it's a bit romantic too.

    Episodes: 50

    Ergo Proxy is a psychological story in a futuristic world. The main characters go on an adventure to solve the mystery of the Proxy.

    They travel through a strange land and encounter enimies along the way.

    Episodes: 23

    Read or Die is the story of three sisters who are "paper users" on a quest to protect their beloved friend/ author Nene. They embark on an adventure. They all become caught up in a plot with twisting turns and surprising revelations.

    Episodes: 26

    OVA prequel

    Samurai Champloo is a great walk through the history of Japan. 3 "friends" on a trip to find the samurai who smells like sunflowers. Killer soundtrack, plenty of swordplay, and unforgettable characters.

    Episodes: 26

    Outlaw Star- Not as good as Cowboy BeBop, but still fun. (This one has an ensemble cast on a spaceship like in BeBop) They are on an adventure to find the Galactic Layline. They fight supernatural enimies called K-pirates.

    Episodes: 26

    .hack//sign- A story that takes place in an online game. The characters become addictive and the story is mysterious and pulls you along. They are on an adventure to discover the Key of the Twilight. If you love it there are many games and other series in this “World” for you to enjoy.

    Episodes: 26

    Monster is a masterpiece, easily one of the best ever made. The "adventure" Dr. Temna and the other characters embark upon is truly spectacular. not your typical "adventure anime" You will never forget this amazing story or the feeling it will give you. a must see.

    Episodes: 74

    Tokyo Godfathers- A one of a kind adventure. 3 unlikely heroes on a mission to protect a “random baby”.


    Castle in the Sky- A beautiful adventure. Fantastic animation.


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    One of the top fan favorites right now is Gurren Lagann. The story is fast paced and it's a very good anime with constant changes in the plot pretty much every episode.

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    Alaska Discovery chan

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    hi there,

    some animes are as follows ;

    blood +

    l chevalier d eon

    fullmetal alchemist

    tokyo mew mew


    dragon ball z

    yuu yuu haku show

    black cat

    saiyuki reload

    wolfs rain

    da da da

    trinity blood

    ghost in shell

    brain powered


    absolute boy

    konan boy in future

    tsubasa chronicles



    hope this helps

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    High School of the Dead.

    It is sooo awesome!!!

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    full metal alchemist

    black cat

    wolfs rain, etc...

  • one piece

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    Naruto ^_^

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