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Nous asked in SportsCricket · 1 decade ago

are there any americans who play cricket and does usa have a team?

ive always wanted to know if anyone from the usa actually plays cricket seriously and do they have a team

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    1 decade ago
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    The USA does indeed have a team. The first ever international cricket match was played between USA and Canada in 1868.

    The following link will give you detailed information on cricket in the USA:

    As you will see, the USA has a long and rich cricket heritage, going back to the 1700's (about the same time it was becoming popular in India).

    They are viewed as an emerging nation. At present they have no famous players, but who knows, with the appeal of Twenty20 cricket, the game could really take off in the States.

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    Yes USA has a cricket team. But most of the players are either from West Indies or India

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    Yes Americans (mostly ethnic groups from sub-continent

    Asia, Caribbean, UK, Aus, NZ) born or raised or living play

    the game. Hardly do we see any other Americans playing the

    game.I have seen them at times watching the game and as

    expected keep asking questions and hardly do they try to

    understand or get them confused. Currently US Cricket

    association is banned by ICC for not following the directives.

    IMHO, collectively this association is nothing but run by few

    bureaucrats with no hope to return to normalcy. This can only

    be changed by young adults and youth to lead in a different

    direction. Until this happens, few people play the game for

    fun. Hardly there is any development other than few

    individuals taking pride and running their own team. Having

    said that - if any US representatives are being played it is

    all due to show cause and I have nothing to ashamed of to

    say they are not international competitive. Club wise they are

    OK, in other words they suck.

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    USA has a cricket team for sure. If you recall, they competed in the 2004 ICC Champs Trophy in England.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes USA does have a cricket team,infact we could see them in the next world cup.

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    4 years ago

    The game is one of the most challenging sports around. Without a cricket culture in your society it is very hard to learn the game to the extent of the other countries. I would assume that there would be some super bowlers in the USA if they switched from baseball to cricket. The question is could your baseballers change there game from trying to hit one ball an innings, to trying to hit the ball away from the fielders for hours? Could they do it against really quick bowlers and against good fieldsmen?

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    They have a cricket team and they have participated in an ICC Champions league.

    They played against Aussies,lost badly and then Punter said that playing against American team was a complete waste of time.L0L

    They were granted an ICC membership in the year 1965.

    Source(s): Detailed information on the American cricket team -
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    I saw an episode of 'Monk' the other night and his shrink was wearing cricket gear.

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