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Cant wait anymore!?

As previous post, I'm 13dpo, due af tomorrow and have a few signs of pregnancy! Gonna take a test today when I get my lunch. I'll give you all an update when i get back. What test would you recommend as its 1 day before af is due bearing in mind i'm in Ireland and cant get one of the cheepy ones in the dollar store!


BFN! Grrrrrr

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    I feel for you... I "wasted" probably 10 pregnancy tests before I finally got a positive... but it's not really "wasting" when you really really NEED to test, waiting sometimes is just so impossible! I would have to recomment buying the slightly more expensive "first response" tests in packs of two so you save at least a little if you end up testing a lot (I am in the UK so am painfully aware that there are no dollar alternatives...) - getting the Boots own are ok but only if you are testing on the day of the expected period or later - being able to test that one day earlier to me was worth the extra money... especially when it finally showed a positive!! I would have paid anything to make sure I knew as soon as absolutely possible =)

    Lots of luck!!!

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    My advice would be dont waste a test, if it was for your first morning pee I would of said yeh ok but not if your testing middle of the day. I know how you feel I have been there so many times, I was on chlomid for 5 cycles and did the same every single month, tested early and wasted loads of money on tests. Wait just a little bit longer, if you dont get your period by tomorrow nite then use the test first thing the following morning. I would suggest peeing into a disposable cup and dipping the test stick in its more reliable. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you experience the same joy as me. I am now 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant after 2 and a half years of trying. Just have hope it will happen for you eventually and not a minute before your ready.

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    Use the First Response Early Result test - there is one now that is very sensitive and can give a result 5 days before your period and is very accurate (over 90%) by one day before.

    Good luck and baby dust to you!

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    NO!!!!!! do not desire for it! i'm getting popular sessions and that they don't look to be relaxing. you purely heard of cramps, you haven't got any theory how they sense or how terrible they'd get...this you may in contrast to. This, you would be wishing you had no era returned. additionally, not purely cramps, different issues incorporate sessions. they could make you drained, irritable, naseous, issues, achiness, bloat, etc. to not point out consistent monitoring to make certain you at the instant are not bleeding by your outfits. anyhow, you will get it whilst your physique is waiting. some women have not gotten their era until they have been 18. certainly one of my previous acquaintances did not get hers until she grew to become into sixteen. yet, your widespread and there is not something incorrect with you. in basic terms await it to come again. And for that rely, how might the different women be attentive to if to procure your era in case you probably did not tell them? a mild would not in basic terms come on saying "lady with era". perhaps you're able to be putting around people who are not so immature. those human beings do not make stable acquaintances, so ditch them.

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  • I know the feeling;( Im in my TWW and Im going to just wait it out this month to see if AF comes, no early testing. Its sooo disappionting to see that neg sign, ughhh.

    Best of luck next month;)))

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    try going to boots if you can they have started doing a first responce from 6 days before you are due on, i have also used boots own brand but i think that you have to have a high level of hcg for those i was

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    I would get the EPT. It works really well. I used the Dollar Store one and the EPT, and I was only 2 days late for my period.

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    hope it was wrong.Maby in a few days it might be positive.Good luck

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