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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dear Jill,

    How are you? Congratulations to you and your family. You got a newborn baby brother.

    Jill, after thinking deeply.I think you should choose Max for the birthday present, because I think dog is the best friends of human. Even Max is a big dog, but he always plays gently and loves children. Since you having a newborn baby brother, if you buy Kam Kam, and it is very important for small children to treat him kindly, which he may scratch your baby brother.

    Second, I know that everyone in your family is so busy take care your newborn baby brother, therefore, you should not buy Jo Jo. Because Jo Jo gets bored easily and likes to have people around him, also your family doesn’t have a plenty of time for Jo Jo.

    Lastly, Scaley may sound a good idea of pet. But it needs a lot of large tank for it to live and also it needs a lot of food and a place to swim. As you say before, your home is a small flat; I don’t think it can fit in a large tank for Scaley to live.

    Anyway, I think Max fit in your home as a pet very good, since he is very friendly, and obedient. Also he doesn’t need a lots place to live, which fit in your home perfectly.

    Best wishes,

    (You Name)

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