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Most powerful, best, fastest PC in the market right now

我急需知道現今最強之電腦組合是怎樣的? 包括:





•Power supply

•Floppy drive

•Hard drive

•CD/DVD or other optical drive



•Video card


•Sound card

•Video card


Love you guys if you can answer the question~

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    Based on the price quotations of a pc shop the following items seem to be of the highest quality (as they are most expensive):

    Motherboard: TYAN S4987WG2NRI2-E Quad OPTERON,DDR2 M/B

    Processor: Intel Xeon E5450A 3G(1333FSB,12M,LGA771)BOX

    RAM: A-DATA DDR-3 2000X MHz 2G Kit (1Gx2)

    CD-RW/DVD-RW: Liteon LH-2B1S Blu-ray Writer (BOX)

    VGA: WinFast Quadro FX4500 SDI PCI-E 512MB

    For more information please refer to the company's price list:


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