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report 幫幫手 慼想同內容 plz

The Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating tutorial center Popular Modern Education and top tutor K Oten over alleged buying of Hong Kong Certificate of Educ

ation examination papers.

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority said yesterday the case has been "forwarded to the law enforcement agency."

The center and the tutor were accused of texting messages on the HKCEE English-language examination during a 45-minute break.

The messages allegedly contained an "immediate analysis" helpful to answering questions.

Oten, 32, yesterday denied cheating and bribing invigilators to acquire the papers, saying it is a "deliberate defamation."

The tutorial center also denied providing the service to students. It said it will look into the matter and that it has terminated Oten's services.

The matter came to light when some students claimed the tutor had unlawfully obtained the papers and used them for commercial gain.

Sources in the industry said Oten has a "long-standing history" of alleged misconduct.

"The most ridiculous demand from him was that he requested to be photographed half-naked in an advertisement promoting himself," sources close to Oten's former employer said.

One of Oten's students showed some of his teaching materials containing such words as a four-letter word.

"It baffles many teachers that he graduated as an English major," one of the sources said.

"YouTube is filled with clips of how he mispronounced even simple words, such as "fashion" and "prevailing."

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    The news probably gives readers the impression that English major graduates can be poor people.

    By poor I mean not only language proficiency but personality.

    Though the case is still under investigation it is very clear that the tutor has done something very wrong already, or the tutorial centre should not have terminated his services.

    However, we should not just blame the tutor. Did someone else assist him before (e.g. invigilators)? Was the tutorial school really ignorant of his misconducts until recently? If he was so "bad" and nobody liked his ways, would he have become a "successful" tutor? We should not just blame K Oten only.

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    ...not only language proficiency but ALSO personality.

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    IF he is guilty, sends him to prison. IF students like him, however, welcomes him back to the tutorial school after imprisonment.

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