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我的車子是捷安特的 Anthem 3能幫推薦5000左右的好前叉嗎..林道好用的.謝謝

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    2008 SR Suntour AXON RLD

    We always knew, but it sometimes needs time and patience to

    convince people: Our AXON fork is top of the level, world cup proven

    and still affordable. German Magazine bike tested and decorated our

    AXON fork with very good and best price / performance ratio.

    If you have time to read the bike test in German get the PDF here:

    bike mag test PDF >>

    我們總知道, 但它有時需要時刻和耐心說服人: 我們的軸突叉子是水平的上面, 世界盃被證明和付得起。德國雜誌腳踏車測試了和裝飾了我們的軸突叉子以非常好和最佳的price/performance 比率。 如果您有時間讀腳踏車測試用德語得到PDF 這裡: 腳踏車mag 測試PDF!kbJNfuKGHwI98ybjbIFQ...

    Source(s): DHXCDS,FD系列改裝部門.高雄禾興GT旗艦店.
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