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38. Never ___ in love with strangers when you travel abroad. (A) fall (B) fell (C) fallen (D) feeling

39. Look at her. She has ___ into a beautiful girl now. (A) grow (B) grew (C) grown (D) been grown

40. When she got home, she found out that her mother ___ (A) had died (B) dies (C) dead (D) was died

41. Please remember ___ this letter for me. (A) mail (B) mailing (C) have mailed (D) to mail

42. Janet is going to school tomorrow and ___. (A) so do I (B) so am I (C) I do too (D) I do so

43. You ___ tell the truth before the judge finds out. (A) don’t mind (B) would rather (C) used to (D) had better

44. Mathematics ___ a very difficult subject for many students. (A) be (B) is (C) are (D) have

45. Several hours ___, I saw him walking into the convenience store. (A) late (B) later (C) latter (D) last

46. We traveled together as far as Taichung City, ___ we parted. (A) when (B) which (C) where (D) why

47. I have four sisters; one lives in Taipei, but ___ live in Kaoshiung. (A) another (B) other (C) the other (D) the others

48. My friend John always gives me ___. (A) many good advice (B) a lot of good advice (C) little good advices (D) few good advices

49. I can not speak Japanese, still ___ French. (A) more (B) better (C) less (D) can’t

50. You are the ___ person I expected to meet here. (A) last (B) lately (C) likely (D) late

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    38. A 這句是祈使句 所以要用原形動詞

    39. C has為助動詞 其後為PP動詞 (D選項應改為been growing)

    40. A die的時間比find的時間早 (C.D選項應改為was dead)

    41. D 這句為叮嚀的意味 表示未發生

    42. B (要解釋太複雜了)

    43. D 翻譯:你最好說岀真相 在法官發現之前

    44. B Mathematics是專有名詞

    45. B latter 是後者的意思

    46. C 後面有讀號 判斷要填關係副詞

    47. D 根據文意 應該是指剩餘的人 且 live 為複數型態

    48. B advice為不可數名詞 根據文意及文法來推即可

    49. C 判斷文意應該是:我不會說日語 更不會說法語

    50. A 翻譯:在這裡 你是我最不想遇到的人

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