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LIN asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 1 decade ago







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    The reason I do not like mummies is that it should be placed in the temple or churches not the place like here where it is not belongs to.

    I dont like the legend either. In my belief I think if you want to be a better man you should do what best you can do when you are alive not just turned to a mummy to wait for another chance to come back alive.

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  • 小君
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    I do not like this wood are denominated in, because he is feeling this is not the place. He should be properly housed in the temple or the church.

    The life and death can not be made because the wood are denominated in, you can change. I do not agree with this legend a bit. Because if we were better, more efforts should be and not let themselves become wood are denominated.

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