Events in New Zealand?

Help!! We have to for History do a project on events that happened between 1997-2001 in New Zealand...

Anyone got any ideas...



Big events?

Anything you can think of! thanks

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    Search 'timeline new zealand' and you will come up with a few.

    for example .....

    1997 - (Jenny Shipley became the country's first woman Prime Minister when she succeeded Jim Bolger as leader of the National Party.)

    1997 – To date 95.7 per cent of all New Zealand households have a telephone, that the same as Australia and higher than the US

    1998 - The national women's rugby team, the Black Ferns, became world champions at the Rugby World Cup

    1999 - Helen Clark is ELECTED first woman Prime Minister

    1999 - Theresa Gattung became New Zealand's first woman chief executive of a major company, appointed CEO of Telecom at age 37. In 2005 she was identified as New Zealand's highest paid chief executive at $2.91 million a year

    1999 - Margaret Wilson became the first woman Attorney General.

    2000 - New Zealand successfully defends the Amercica's Cup, making NZ the only country to do so outside of the US.

    2000 - NZ to see the Millennium first around the world ! (Gisborne, first city in the world to see the sunrise)

    ... and 2001 - broke up with the best boyfriend in NZ I ever had.. :-(

    Source(s): Lived in NZ during that time.
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    I think we won the Americas Cup in that time. That was huge for NZ.....or defended it, & won it again. Can't think of others....

    Yes, we deafened the Cup in 2000. Do some research on the Americas Cup, i think it's the oldest sports Cup in the world :) & we've ,NZ. had it twice.

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