would you..do me? merry me?? or date me??? rate my personality?

im a female. light to olive skin. my hair is natural brunette with blonde highlights

ya i am curvy like marilyn monroe. atleast i think so. lol. big boobs, wears halters and dresses. my favoruite body part are my legs, im 5'7 tall. blue green eyes. luscious lips.

im very passionate about life, and i go after what i want so i guess you could say DEtermined. my nick name is dee or dede, i love to go for long runs, i was an athlete in school. cross runner, loved soccer or volley ball. love sports, but i am very very girly, if i could i would play sports in heels lol. i really like to sing, write my own songs. i love art, and i love fashion i have a flair for fashion i design my own clothes. hobbies i love outdoors, i like to garden. i have a shoe fetish, but what woman doesnt these days lol im good with money, i can always account for every penny, im so good with saving up. i own like 10 piggy banks and they are all full lol. i watch less then 3 hours of tv a week.

favourite color pink. likes to travel to exotic places. i really want to learn a secong language. my back ground is french and i dont speak a word. its funny because i know more spanish then french lol :S i consider myself silly and know the proper time to be a joker, everyone who knows me says im clever, witty, spontaneous and most of all funny, but im very loyal like a cat. you can always count on me. so im pretty mature. I have master the virtue of patience.i know ,we cant all be lucky ;

favourite foods,apples mmm fruity sweet taste or pasta with lots of veggies, did i mention i cook really good.?

im not picky so just about anything. favourite quote,'' good things come to those who wait,but greater things come to those who wait longer.''

i feel like im typng out a dating ad online lol

ok to sum it up im am unique person, i dont smoke, occasional drinker,seductive voice, always been told im different, but in a good way. im wise beyond my years .im so independent. i make for a great friend,

i am free sprit, and i have seductive personality, that makes u cling.

thanks for taking the time to write. oh i forgot one more thing so i date zodiac sign, that is compatible with a cancer ;)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would do you.

    Edit: Lol @ Bubu. Unfortunately for the questioner (but lucky for you) I only like poles, not holes. It just that it's late and I feel like typing some silly stuff :P

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I hope you dont get my replies..though you shouldn't(your a women.)


    This actually made me feel worse asking idiots on here what they thought of me.

    Me being a guy, shouldve known theyd treat me like S**T.

    Oh well, it isnt up to everyone else....

    BTW ID marry someone like you if all these qualities stayed for life.

    And Im an Aries......I have an unknown energy source.

    Most people cannot keep up with me physically or mentally..because of the aries in me.

  • ishman
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    4 years ago

    you act such as you're merchandising your self on eBay or something in the adventure that your going to tell somebody approximately your self carry all of that till you go on a date or maybe then don tell him that without notice you will possibly scare him off........

  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't kick you outta bed


    Source(s): . JamaicanQT :O ....did I read that right? Are you a swinger? (hubba hubba)
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  • wer ur age .. how old r u ??

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah, i would

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