Why does your child's teacher make $12 an hour more than his/her nurse in the ICU unit?

It used to be that teachers made $4 an hour more than the nurse, but that is now up to $12 an hour more. Who is more vital to your child's life and to saving tax dollars? Nurses are vital to you and all of your loved ones. Please show them the respect they deserve.

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    i just did a quick google search and the results say that your wrong



    and of course this depends on experience in which either position can make 20,000 more depending on qualifications.

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    Are the two workers in a union? If so, chances are the teacher's union in your city / state has more influence than the nurse's union. If they're not in a union, then it's a matter of what each person is able to negotiate.

    To quote an in-flight magazine ad: "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."

    I wish you Peace.

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