Having on and off sharp pain in lower abdomen after 9 days of missed abortion.?

Had miscarriage at 8th week of pregnancy.Had a missed abortion.Can anybody help me.


Bleeding has stopped now

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    Any odor or discharge? Are you still bleeding? Do you have a fever? Did you have a D & C after miscarriage??

    It is possible that some tissue was not ejected during the miscarriage and it could be causing infection. I would see my doctor if any of the above is happening or if the pain persists.

    I am sorry for your loss, and please do not let your sadness stop you from seeking medical treatment.

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    It sounds like you're having a delayed miscarriage, where tests indicated that your baby had died, but had not passed from your body yet. And now the baby is passing.

    If you have already passed the baby, the pain might cause concern of infection. You might want to ask your doctor.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

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    get advise from doctor. You must take care as normal birth of a baby. Dont walk fast, eat food that can warm your body like black paper, garlic etc. Dont ever carry heavy things. Avoid drinking ice water. Dont make love until it is fully recovered...at least 2 months. It may bring down that lower abdomen (whatever it call in medic) of yours.

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    Go to the ER and be examined by a physician. It could be lots of things, such as your appendix, gallbladder. etc.

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    Not sure what to help you with but try out this site.

    Good luck.

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