why do kurds and turks dislike each other?

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    Many Kurds in Turkey demand more cultural rights and/or political autonomy from the Turkish central government. The central government fears that greater rights and autonomy may eventually lead to demands for independence, so it tries to suppress Kurdish nationalism (or even Kurdish identity) and assimilate Kurds into "mainstream" Turkish culture. In the 80's, militant Kurds formed an armed group (called PKK) to terrorize the Turkish society into giving them greater autonomy (similar to ETA in Spain, IRA in Britain or Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka). Fighting between the PKK and the Turkish armed forces has claimed tens of thousands of lives so far (including many civilians) and it makes Turks and Kurds more and more bitter and intolerant toward each other. Widespread ignorance, poverty and nationalistic propaganda (on both sides) make things worse.

    That's an oversimplified account, of course. If you'd like to read more about the history of the antagonism, this is a good place to start:

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    Because most Turks are not as religous as Kurds.

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    nationalism. Through media and educational programming over the last 80 years they are made to think that nation is above religion.

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