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Purina horse feed recall??!?!?!?

OMG. I use Stratgey for my horses and I read on the net about something being recalled from Purina? I live in SC so is it still safe to feed my horses this?! HELP

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  • lisa m
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    This is the latest info put out from Purina regarding their recall


    Before you panic, check with your supplier because he would know what bags are affected etc and if you have any that were recalled, what to do next. I also use Purina products but KY is not affected.

  • 4 years ago

    according to some other blogs this may be a hoax. there is no official word on any purina site. if there wre tosic levels in their feed they would have to notify general public of the recall. i wouldn't worry too much about this until someone actually talks to a real purina associate and gets official word.

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    Rest easy, visit the Purina Website for complete details about this inaccurate email that was spread thoughtlessly around.

    I have spoken personally with our local Purina Rep, and it looks like something was taken out of context and reprinted as fact without sufficient fact finding. Often happens with internet stuff.

    Lesson for the day: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET. Do you own investigation.

    Source(s): california horse owner
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    Yes, this recall was announced several days ago on http://www.totalrecallinfo.com

    Check the Purina website for the latest updates.

    Take care.

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  • Jorjor
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    what ever happened to hay?

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