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Are there certain cologne fragrances for certain races?

My boyfriend is black. I want to buy cologne for him for selfish reasons like I want an excuse to smell his neck. lol. Anyway, someone recently told me there are certain colognes made for blacks. I know that colognes don't smell the same on everyone, but that was interesting to know for me, too. Maybe I've been buying the wrong stuff.

Does anyone know if this is true? If so, please give some names.

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    Not that I know of!, although there may be some that are marketed for certain races. Perfume reacts differently depending on personal body chemistry, that is true. Pick a scent you love, and you have a pretty good chance that it will work for him. No guarantees no matter what the fragrance, though!!! Again, pick something that reminds you of him that YOU like.

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    I don' t think so. That's just being judgmental.

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