serious question about informing your pregnant!?

ok i am 21 and have a 6 month old baby. i recently found out i was pregnant again, problem is im living with my mother who basically is financially supporting us at the moment ( i just graduated college) i just am still living with her and dont want to leave till i have a secure job and could financially take care of both myself and child. i dont know how to break the news to her when right now we are struggling to pay everything needed and bills and so on. i dont know if i should just tell her, or write her a letter, or what to do! help! any advice!!


and i would get a job too but i had to sell my car and i cant afford child care. just a bad time right now...

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    wel you would have to tell her at some point in time. so you should be honest with her and tell her. And you should also get a job and start supporting yourself and your child it is your duty and your responsibilty. Also where is the child father, i think he should help you out also! he should leave everything for you and your mom, its his child 2! and about the letter thing , you should tell her in person because you would have to face her at some point in time ...good luck and i wish you all the best

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    Tell your mom whats going on you are going to feel alot better getting that off your chest. After giving birth only 6mo ago your body is still very fertile its to late now but you should have been on some type of birth control. Things always work out good luck.

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    you need to tell her because what you're saying is she's got another child to take care of. u also need to look about getting a job even if you don't move out at first just at least contribute financially

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    I feel for you, but maybe you should be asking questions about birth control ASAP. Better just come out and tell her, the sooner the better.

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    wow, i feel sorry for your mother, tell her face to face your 21,your not a child, she atleast deserves that..... then get a job and support your family

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