Do you think they should ban alcohol consumption in some areas at the nascar races?

It has been brought up on Sirius Nascar Radio that they should have some areas in the stands where alcohol is not allowed. These would be classed as family areas so people can still take thier children to races and not have to listen to the vulger langauge of drunk fans that have no respect for other people.

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  • tom p
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't see why not. The local tracks here have "family" sections. No smoking, No drinking, No cursing.

    And the folks that used to run my local track enforced it. No warnings, one strike and you were in the parking lot.

    Only problem is NASCAR does not own the tracks, so they would have to get the owners to comply.

    Source(s): But I digest..... Just my 2 cents.
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