Do you think they should ban alcohol consumption in some areas at the nascar races?

It has been brought up on Sirius Nascar Radio that they should have some areas in the stands where alcohol is not allowed. These would be classed as family areas so people can still take thier children to races and not have to listen to the vulger langauge of drunk fans that have no respect for other people.

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't see why not. The local tracks here have "family" sections. No smoking, No drinking, No cursing.

    And the folks that used to run my local track enforced it. No warnings, one strike and you were in the parking lot.

    Only problem is NASCAR does not own the tracks, so they would have to get the owners to comply.

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    Some tracks already have that, its great tracks need this as there are tons of Nascar fans that do not drink.. I can drink and I know when to say when and stop, some fans just do not that gives Nascar the bad name...I bet Jeff Gordon is saying Finally, some one gets more beer cans thrown at them than I do.. I noticed on TV there was lots of debris on the track after Shrub won...Theres always gonna be a driver in Nascar that this happens to, its doesn't matter...But now Shrub is the favorite beer can target.. But yes they do need a alcohol/smoke free area for fans and familes who do not like the wild and crazy side of the sport..They have that out here at baseball stadiums as well...Even at my place, yes we have Nascar fans that have a few to many......I take their car keys away, no one leaves my place that has had to many...I got futons and extra sleeping bags..I want my Nascar fans to be safe and live to enjoy their next race...yes there are Shrub fans that come also...yeah its still a free country..

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    Yes and no. It is a good idea but what section do they get? If you have season seats on the start finish line and they give that section to family's where are your new seats gonna be, and are you going to willingly give them up. Or do they put the family section in the part of the stands where it's hard to see(not fair either)? Most of the tracks don't have room to build more seating. And trust me some of those family members use just as vulgar language as any other fan. If they could come up with a way that was fair to the season ticket holders it would be alright.

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    The problem I see is that some people will honestly only drink one beer and seem perfectly normal. Is it really fair to group them with those who are on their 6th/7th beer and drunk off their behinds. I'm not sure. I'm probably more in favor of segregation than I am not but it's not cut and dry either.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some tracks already have designated areas that are alcohol free. Just because a fan drinks does not mean that each one is getting drunk.

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    It's a great idea. It's just hard to inforce. I mean, the only time your cooler is searched is when you walk in the gate. If beer is found in a cooler, the checker would then have to look at your ticket to see if you are in one of those sections.

    Also, everytime someone buys a beer from the racetrack the attendent would have to see their ticket. And there's noone seeing the beer people stuff in their pockets.

    EX: Last Oct in Atlanta. I saw a van with about 8-10 guys in it, they parked in the row infront of us, and they had a cooler full of beer. Not a big thing, we see it all the time at the tracks. But one guy got out, he put a beer in each of his coat pockets, each of his front jeans pockets, & even had a friend carry one for him.

    So, yeah it's a great idea. And I am all for it. It's just very difficult to enforce.

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    Yes, definitely. I thought that some of the tracks already did have family areas. If not, they should.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey that's a great idea! Only thing is... hopefully they will not make those family areas "more expensive" of a ticket!

    I would be one who would like that area... whether or not I was with my 18 year old son or not! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Charlotte or Lowes has had that for years.. No Drinking. and some even No Smoking!.. these sections are always full.. great idea for everyone to follow

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. some families don't want to have drunk people sitting by them.

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