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Careers in Astronomy?

What are some different careers in Astronomy?

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    Most astronomers have a PhD in either astronomy, astrophysics, or physics. There really aren't many jobs out there if you don't have a PhD.

    PhD astronomers work for colleges and universities (teaching and/or doing research), national labs (doing research - labs like LLNL, LANL, NOAO, NSO, etc), or NASA (doing research).

    If you don't have a PhD but a masters degree, you can teach at a community college. If you have masters or bachelors degree in astronomy, you can teach high school, work at a museum, work as an assistant at an observatory, or work as someone's research assistant.

    There are many types of research astronomers - a few types are solar physicists, planetary astronomers, stellar astronomers, galactic astronomers, radio astronomers, and high energy astrophysicists.

  • Anonymous
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    There are lots of opportunities for someone with an interest in astronomy. In fact, the vast majority of astronomers are not astronauts!

    The majority of astronomers work for universities doing research as professors. This is a reasonably profitable career, and it tops out in the low six digits.

    Another big chunk of astronomers work for the government (think NASA) and for the private sector. The pay for these jobs tends to be a little higher than in academia, but there is much less intellectual freedom- you tend to just do whatever your boss tells you to do.

    If you are interested in astronomy, you will probably want to have a strong background in physics. Engineering is also a good background to have and would open many opportunities in high-income areas.

    Good luck!

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    did not I already answer this for you as quickly as? besides... in case you like a occupation in astronomy - then specific - you may desire to do a PhD. you need to artwork in a planetarium or museum with out PhD - yet that is approximately it. As for careers - actual that is college professor or analyze scientist for a central authority lab (e.g. NASA). the two way you desire a PhD. the marvelous element approximately the two pastime is which you have a tendency to have extremely some freedom. You do have a "boss", yet you have a tendency to have the skill to do extra or much less what you choose (interior of specific limits). i'm a school professor meaning that i'm extra or much less my very own boss. I might desire to coach specific courses each and every semester, and that i don;t get to set the schedule - yet that is especially plenty the only shrink. I do artwork long hours, and that i additionally mentor and advise the two undergraduate and graduate pupils, yet that's on my own schedule. I additionally do extremely some "outreach" - i.e. giving talks etc for the final public. and then the main area of my pastime is analyze (I learn stardust). I might desire to write proposals to enhance money and get telescope time - yet in the two situations that's on matters of my determining on. that's the suited pastime contained in the international. it is not difficulty-free - yet i gets a commission to think of approximately stardust and share my wisdom. As for the thank you to get there - take as plenty technology and math as you may in extreme college. in case you may take calculus earlier you get to varsity, this could aid you lots. as quickly as you get to varsity - make certain you get to do slightly prognosis as an undergraduate - it is going to serve you properly in moving into grad college (and undergo in techniques this while determining on colleges).

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