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Cyclocross or road bike?

I am a beginner looking to get into biking but I don't know if I should get a road bike or a cyclocross. I was looking at the Trek 1500 (road) and the Trek XO-1 (cyclocross). The XO-1 is a bit more expensive than the 1500 but I heard a cyclocross is the best for less than optimal road conditions and I can take it for light offroading if I have to.

Any advice is appreciated again I havent been on a bike in years and now I'm in my mid 20's looking for a new sport and I'm looking into biking.

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    I was in a similar situation earlier this year. The difference between us is that I have been avidly biking for many moons, but with a mountain bike. I eventually bought a separate set of wheels with 'skinny' tires for my hardtail. I kept my knobbies for real mountain biking, and used the skinnys for everything else. But as I rode more and more on pavement, I saw the need to get a 'big' wheel bike.

    Road bikes looked too fragile to me. In addtion, I have some favorite routes that include about a half mile of gravel road and 4 miles of dirt path. A 'cross bike was the perfect kind of bike for me. I've put about a thou on mine this season and love it almost as much as my mountain bike.....

    A 'cross bike also gives you more versatility. You can always put skinny road tires on it if you need/want to. I added a rear rack to mine and use it as an all-day 'touring' bike.

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    Hi there.

    I think if you want to have the option for a little off roading, cyclocross bikes are the way to go. If I had to (heaven forbid) choose one bike, it'd definitely be a 'cross bike. I often ride mtb trails on my cx bike, and do road rides with road racers on my cx bike - just changing the tires.

    Not all cx bikes are the same - and some may have a much more laid back geometry than road bikes, which might be actually nice unless you're doing criterium racing or something like that. The XO-1's best feature might be its very generous clearance for wide tires - i think you can go up to 42c which gives you lots of options for riding off-road.

    There are lots of great cross bikes out there. Find one that fits, from a shop that will give you great service.

    And don't be afraid to try cyclocross! it's a great sport, very welcoming, awesome community, and fun as a spectator as well.

    Good luck.

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  • 4 years ago

    You want a road bike with a triple unless you are ridding on dirt roads. A cyclocross bike is not needed and will be slower on paved surfaces. Get a mirror and look for cars before moving to the center of the road to miss those big pot holes. A few trips on any road and you should be able to remember where the really bad sections are.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like youll want the cyclocross bike

    id say go for it, but try to ride them both before u consider buying either

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    if you are going to do more road then you are right trek makes some fine touring bikes it just depends on how much you plan on riding me i ride 7,400 miles a year but if you only going to ride 10 miles a day then save your money and go to wal mart and get a $69.00 bike to see if you are going to like ride or cycling

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