To any navy people out there just wanted to ask what the better job is: CTI or CTT?

Hopefully I can get some people who acually had these jobs. Just tell me if you enjoyed your time in the military with these jobs and which one in your opinion is better. THanks

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    depends on what you want out of your Navy Time. CTIs spend much of their time in small dark rooms with headphones on listening. there isn't a whole lot you can do outside as a is the CLEARANCE that opens doors for you, NOT the actual rating. with CTT, you will have skills more readily translatable to civilian work( plus the Clearance doesn't hurt either).

    Most CTIs I know either loved it or despised every second of it. depends on their expectations when they went in. you will NOT be translating or interrogating. you will be transcribing.

    Dan is somewhat incorrect: you DO NOT Get to choose your language at DLI. First you must take the DLAB and qualify. then they will either tell you what you are taking , or allow you to choose from the list of upcoming classes. If you really want Korean, but the only classes opening up are in Farsi or Mandarin.. then that is all you get to choose from.

    First Term CTIs are NOT in the field. they are assigned to one of the watch floors..Ft Gordon, Ft Meade or Kunia. in extremely rare cases they can Get DIRSUP orders which means you could deploy when needed. CTIs do NOT do interrogations nor do they wander around the streets of Baghdad translating for Marines..especially as a First Termer.

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    I'm a CTR (Cryptologic Technician Collection) in the Navy, and I deal with both of themfrom time to time.

    CTI (Cryptologic Techinician Interpretive): Your going to go out to Montery,Calfornia (I think) and learn a language for "A" School. You can choose pretty much any language, some that will benifit you more for advancemet are Arabic, Chinese, and probably Korean. You WILL be translating. If you go to Iraq, then you'll have Marine bodyguard(s) and you'll be taking with the locals, maybe even interegating people. Other wise you'll have headphones on.

    CTT: Cryptologic Technician Technical): I'm not sure what they do state-side, but in the Middle East, they ride in the convoys and they jam the IEDs. The CTT's "A" School is in Pensecola, FL.

    If you go either, you're going to get a Top Secret Security Clearance. The one that will get you the most money after you leave the Navy, CTI, because things are heating up between the US and China, so we'll be needing more Chinese Linguists. I would reccomend CTI, because a lot of the linguists I talk to really enjoy their job.

    Hope this helps.

  • NERO
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    CTI is the job I would of went for, but the only draw back is getting the clearance.

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