Quality of live in Tucson, AZ?

I am thinking of moving to Tucson and gathering information about it before I make my mind. Anybody with any information (housing, health care, crime, automobile insurance....) please help. Any information (both good and bad) is welcome. I really appreciate.

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    It's ok here. Winters are fantastic and summers are very nice in the morning. It gets reeeally hot from about 10 am-8pm for 100+ days in the summers, then it rains and floods the city for about an hour or two. At first, I didn't think there was much history here but there is. There is a very casual attitude here and few people dress in a suit or the black uniform so common on the east coast. It's too hot. Summer is the slow season (people leave town if they can) and winter is the busy season, with snowbirds and students at the U of A.

    There is a bus system here that services the greater area (SunTran) as well as a free bus for downtown (TICET?). There's a trolley that goes to a limited portion of downtown but is not very practical and is more of a tourist thing. There was talk of a light rail system a few years back but was voted down.

    I-10 cuts through the west side of town and Aviation Hwy. goes from the south east side to downtown, but there's no real highway that gets you through town efficiently. Much of Tucson is a grid of surface streets. It's good to have a car or at least a scooter, but Tucson is a very bicycle friendly town, so most people I know have a bike and use it when they can.

    It's very spread out (20 miles from one end of town to the other) and there are a lot of planned communities that are generic and drab.

    Be prepared for bad driving, people panhandling and asking you for change a lot, high rate of property theft and non violent crime due to the meth problems here.

    Downtown is not exactly a financial epicenter. It's very small and safe and people are pretty friendly. I'd live and work as close to downtown if possible. This is where all the charming neighborhoods are. Avoid the huge apartment complexes in any situation. Average rent for a two bedroom house is about $800/mo. Wages are pretty low here, though. Areas of town to consider living in: Armory Park is cool, also Barrio Anita, south of the convention center, Dunbar/Spring, 6th Ave btween 6th and Drachman, West University, and maybe Sam Hughes would be good areas.

    Then you have the foothills, which is mostly suburban. California influence is strong here, but some of the best hiking and views of the city to be found in the area. North of River Rd. The nicer part of town generally speaking.

    The east side and the northwest side, I avoid. Mostly suburban, every block looks the same, not much to do, lots of highschoolers and soccer moms.

    Source(s): Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    My favorite "lounge" when I lived in Tucson was The Shelter on Grant between Swan and Alvernon. They don't have TV's however, except for 1 that is forever showing bad B Movies from the 60's and 70's.

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