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'The mobile telephone is the most annoying unnecessary and time-wasting

device ever invented'. Write an essay in which you strongly support.

Provide at least THREE reasons in support of your argument. Give

your essay a Title.(不少於250字) THX~~~~><

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    Title: 'The mobile telephone is the most annoying unnecessary and time-wasting

    device ever invented'.

    In Hong Kong, almost everyone has a mobile in their pocket and handbags. It is not difficult to see somebody lifting their mobile phones to talk and send messages to someone.However, have you been annoyed by the noisy phone rings by someone who sit next to you? I am sure this is a bad experience to you and me. In my opinion, the mobile telephone is the most annoying device ever invented,

    If you are taking a bus, you may hear someone talking something that you are not wanted to be heard, or even he/she speaks foul language loudly. That phone creates argument and unhappy atmosphere along the way. Moreover,use too much mobile phones can raise health problems, such as cancer and hearing disable.

    Besides that, the latest mobile phones has a function to taking photos.Although it is a convienent and quick way to record what happens around you and the society, and causing troubles if someone is not wanted to be taken in the photos. For example, some criminals may take some pretty girls in the MTR and sell them to some illegal websites for money. These crimes cause serious social probkems and turn our feelings into anger.

    Moreover, Also,Usefulless messages or advertisement always found in the mobile phones. They cause the waste of money and time to make us feel cheated,especially happens in teenagers. Most of the youngsters who are in dating send meaningless messages in class. How can the parents allow their children to follow the suit, it is nonsense! Therefore, the banning of sending love messages is needed to reduce the feeling of annoynce between the lovers.

    In conclusion, the mobile telephones produce a lot of social problems and threat the confidential of identity. This harmful device should be banned and get rid of it. I am sure that people living in Hong Kong will more healthier adn happier.

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