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TB Skin test 可在那裡做?

Where can I do the TB Skin Test? Pls provide addresses and telephone no. for booking.

Also, can you provide some advice about health insurance of some insurance companise are economical for students studying in US (FL)?

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    Totally copied from chengkamim’s answer on Yahoo Knowledge+

    Here below are some clinics where you can do the skin test :

    1)貝夫人健康院:地址--軒尼詩道130號 修頓中心一樓 tel:28351767

    2)西營盤賽馬會分科診所:地址--皇后大道西134號 tel:28598203

    3)香港仔賽馬會診療所:地址--香港仔水塘道10號 tel:25550381


    For the student health insurance you can visit the following web sit :


    There special costs for students are :

    Bronze plan : HK$ 540

    Silver plan : HK$ 660

    Gold plan : HK$ 780

    Source(s): Yahoo search + Yahoo knowledge
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