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1.How was 826 Valencia started? What was the motivation for it?

2.Why did the company have to sell something, rather than just being a publishing /tutoring organization?

3.Why do many teachers in the U.S. have problems teaching their students?

4.Why is it so hard for teachers to give "one-on-one" attention to students?

5.Do you think an organization like 286 Valencia could be successful in Taiwan? Why or why not?





How do you think YOU could help needy students here in Taiwan? Do you think such help (like one-on-one tutoring) could make a difference for students here? How?


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    1. the founder has many friends and knows a lot of people who are in the educational and English field. Those people have flexible hours during day time and with the knowledge and experience they have, they can give back to the community by creating a tutoring center. 826 Valencia is a place where they combine publishing business with a tutoring center, so that they are able to get their jobs done while helping children in their community. The motivation is to give students one-on-one attention, because they don't have it in public schools. [0~4:00 min]

    基本上就是 創辦人 認識很多作家和老師. 由於他們工作時間自由 又有足夠的知識來幫助學生 所以他把兩者結合起來. 讓白天可以做出版 寫作的工作 到了放學時間 也可以敎社區的小孩

    2. the landlord told them, it is under a retail zone so they have to sell something. while renovating the house, they decide to sell pirate supplies. [~4:40]

    因為 那是一個商業區 所以一定要買東西 結果裝修的時候 他們決定賣 海盜用品

    3. because they class size is large, and many students come from families that doesn't speak English at home. [~1:50]

    班級人數多 加上許多學生在家裡也不講英文

    4. each teacher has about five classes a day, each class have 30~ 40 students. there are just too many students for a teacher to spend one-on-one time with. [~2:20]


    5. it would be great for Taiwan to have an organization like 286 Valencia, because it is now a M society, a lot of families can not afford sending children to cram schools. Having a free organization with enthusiasm to education is surely a plus to our community.

    台灣現在M型社會 很多家庭都沒把法送小孩去補習班 有一個對教育有熱忱 又免費的地方 當然是好的

    *其實這幾個問題 聽前五分鐘 就差不多了 後面都在講些 他們之後做的事 幫學童出書 讓其他人跟進 之類的...

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    I think one-on-one tutoring could definitely help our school children, because a lot of them are not getting the attentions they need to move forward on their education.

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    Our problem is similar to Americas, we have large class size for teachers to devote close attention to students.

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    By having one-on-one time with students, teachers will be able to know each students better, including their any issues in their family, and assist them accordingly.

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    As for how i can help needy students right now, i think i can make donations to organizations that help needy students who lives far away or has financial hardship at home.

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    主要是說 台灣和美國的問題差不多 都是斑級人數太多. 所以一對一教學可以讓老師更了解每個學生 包括他們的家庭狀況 進而幫助他們. 我現在可以捐錢給伊些 幫助學童的機構 來幫助有需要的學生

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    圖示下方 都有 一個選項 可以"寫信給他"

    這應該就可以吧 ^^

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