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    A: OK! It is a good day to go to the shopping center. Let's go! B: Yes, of course. Why not go right away? C: Sounds good, but I have some homework to complete today. A: Did you hear one proverb, C? C: What proverb? A: All work and no play makes Tom an idiot? C: What does it mean? A: That means one can not keep working all the time. Leisure time is necessary. If you keep on working on your homework, you will become very stupid. B (looking at C): That is right! Why not just take one day off? You can not work all the time. C: You guys never know how important the homework means to me.

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    A: Oh, really? How important?

    B: I never think homework is important. Never!

    C: Ha! You know what? The person who assigns the homework is our handsome English teacher.

    A(become serious) : Is he Mr. Peterson? The handsome, tall, and young Mr. Peterson?

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    C: Bingo! Yes, it is Mr. Peterson!

    B: Who is Peterson?

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    A(surprised):B, You don't hear any news about Mr. Peterson? He is the new English teacher in our school. Gorgeous, handsome, attractive, humorous, tall, and very gentle!!

    B: Oh!?

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    C: I think Mr. Peterson have some chemicals with me.

    A: Ha! Ha! Ha! Here you are again!

    C: I mean it. He answers my questions with patience.

    A: C'mon. He is always patient with all his students.

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    B (looking at C): You have been thinking too much!

    C: Believe or not? He spent a whole 20 minutes to answer just one question for me!

    A: You really think too much, C.

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    C: Huh! You are jealous. You know what? He chatted with me for 19 minutes. One 1 minute left for answering my question.

    B: That does not mean he likes you.

    A: Yes, I agree with B. That does not mean anything.

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    C: Whatever you prefer. Taht is none of your business.

    B: Are we going to the shopping mall or not? Are you going, C?

    C: I better not go. As I said, the home work is very important to me.

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    A(talking to B): Let's go. Let C have her daydreams and we have our nice day shopping.

    C: Good! Have a nice day! See you in the evening.

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    B: Poor C!

    A(blinking eyes to B): Well, some one starts to have a romance.

    B: Jealous? Or not?

    A: I am not so much in need of a man.

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    B: To be fair, I prefer to have a man loving me.

    A: Suit yourself. Are you going or not?

    B: OK! Let's go.

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