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請幫我翻譯以下中文內容 中翻英 會的請進

請幫我翻譯以下中文內容 中翻英 會的請進!










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    Because, mother goes to work and makes money arduously every day, will do the family matters after coming off duty

    Help me to review lesson, the thing that I should pay attention to every day that will give repeated exhortations

    When I fell and is injured, knowing? Help I plaster medicine.

    When I have a fever to fall ill, will look after me carefully.

    When I am sad, will comfort me.

    When I do in the test unsatisfactorily in examination, will encourage me to refuel.

    When I want to dismiss from delicately, will kiss me and embrace me.

    My mother is really too important to me, my extraordinary love mother.

    I love you, mother!

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    Because, the mother makes money at work hard everyday,

    still needing to do family affairs after going off work.

    Still need to help me to review homework, reiterate the thing that I want to notice everyday.

    At I fall down maimed of time, knowing? Of wipe a medicine for me.

    At I get a fever sick of time, will look after me with quiet attention.

    At my sad of time, will comfort me.

    At I examine to test not ideal of time, will encourage me to encourage again.

    At I want to withdraw Jiao of time, visit relatives to kiss me to embrace me.

    My mother was really too important to me, I loved a mother very much.

    The mother loves you!

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    Because mom works so hard for money, and has to do the house work after that.

    She help me with my homework and remind me things in detail daily.

    She will clean my wounds when I fell and hunt

    She will take care me when I am sick

    She will comfort me when I am down

    She will cheer me when I get bad grade

    She will hug me when need it

    I love my mom very much because she is very important to me.

    Mom, I love you.

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    是 She will hug me when I need it

    2008-05-12 01:59:17 補充:

    She helps me with my homework and reminds me things in detail daily.(3rd人稱動詞+s)

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