What are the laws on children being raised in a home with drugs in GA?

Ok, I have been looking everywhere recently for laws on children being raised in a home that has drugs being used in it. I, for one, do not use and do not condone the use either. However, I am now currently 6 months pregnant and staying with my child's father and his family. He does not use either, but his mother does. She takes my car to go and buy the stuff and then smokes it in the house. I, personally have heard that my car could be taken if she is caught as well as they could take my child. When I brought this up with the father he said that Georgia wouldn't do that. This goes against EVERYTHING that I have heard previously!

While I have been offered places to stay from my own family and friends that are drug-free, the father of my child has told me that if I go, he will see me on the flip-side, that it will be over. Now, I am just looking for proof to show him what could happen if anyone calls. After 5 miscarriages previously, I'm not sure I can deal with losing my child.

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    First of all it don't matter what state you live in child endangerment is child endangerment in any place, lenguage, or form. And yes if someone calls the police and say tht drugs are being used at tht place and the police see the kid they will take the kid and take you to jail. Please, please, please go to this website it tells u everithing about child endangerment and it gives great examples of what it is. The website is http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/71943/chi...

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    Your boyfriend is wrong. You can lose your car & your child. Besides why would you want to have your baby in the same house as someone who abuses drugs. Junkies can be dangerous & can do horrible things just to get a fix. You need to move out for your child's safety and your own.

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