Beverly Mitchell? I saw her?

Ok, so I was like finished eating at the food court at Costco, and I see Beverly Mitchell talking on her iPhone turned around, I couldn't see her, but I knew it was her, so I was just waiting there until she turned around, and she did, and it was HER! She didn't even have a hat on or anything just a ponytail. I saw her whole face.

Did she settle down after 7th Heaven was over? Because I NEVER see stars at local places!


I was thinking about asking her for an autograph, but I thought it would be rude barging in on her private weekend.

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    omg, i love beverley mitchell but i dont really watch seventh heaven anymore, it doesnt come on :( but shes really cool! i cant believe u saw her! i wouldve asked for her autograph and everything and taken pics!

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